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[ONLINE] 64 Trainer Website Tournament [REGISTRATION IS FULL]
  • This tournament filled up in 5 minutes. Holy crap. Will try to expand it next time if this is successful.
Let me start off by saying this could be a major fail. I will do my best to make everything as clear as possible and assist with whatever I can. Please be patient with other trainers that might need help understanding what's going on. We have people of all ages here and it might be their first time battling competitively. Let's show them what it's like to be part of the best Pokemon community there is!

Important Links

This is NOT SMOGON we are Playing VGC
VGC15 Format (

Brief Details

64 People
Do your best to decide who wins if there is a disconnect or something (rematch if needed). There are pretty much no judges. 
Registration is first come first serve. I suggest making a account before registration opens.
We are working on the honor system here. You guys can/should report your own matches.
Top 16 MUST REPORT BATTLE CODES to Ulricka or N_Nonymous (these will most likely be shown on stream.)
Friday Jan 16th 3:00pm PST - Live stream of Rounds 4, 5, and Finals (make sure you can be available for this)

  • Sunday Jan 4th 10:00am PST - Registration Opens for 2 hours (you may start when bracket is up)

  • Wednesday Jan 7th 11:59pm PST - Round 1 match must be completed by this time or you will be disqualified

  • Saturday Jan 10th 11:59pm PST - Round 2 match must be completed by this time or you will be disqualified

  • Wednesday Jan 14th 11:59pm PST - Round 3 matches must be completed by this time or you will be disqualified

  • Friday Jan 16th 3:00pm PST - Live stream of Rounds 4, 5, and Finals

Registration opens @ 10am PST and closes at 12pm PST (that's 2 hours). I will add more time if needed.

Here's a countdown timer if you can't figure out when that is:

Everything else you need to know about the tournament will be on the tournament page on

How To Join

If you understand and agree to the above, click this link to join the tournament:

Popular Matches - (You can post your battle code in this thread. Top 16 send to a mod)
Please don't feel left out if you don't make it in. This is our first tournament and there will be a lot more if this works out. You can always participate in the weekly Saturday tournaments on by subscribing there.
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Awesome. I am so ready for this. Waking up at 8AM PST to prep the team before registration.
This is a placeholder for my registration! Kappa *cough*
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﹟TᴇᴀᴍFᴏʀᴜᴍ ₄ ʟᴀɪғᴜ (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
Accelixio#2187 @ Overwatch

Achievement unlocked: First place in a sub-tourney//08-08-2015

This is 6pm for me I think, which means a nice lie in in the morning :P

Also this is a placeholder for my registration. (Everyone else is writing this)
Im so excited :O
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Ha! You've underestimated my stupidity.
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Now this is a time I am greatly appreciative of being on the East Coast :P
Can't wait! So I can sign up at 6pm GMT! :D xxx
That's 11 am for me, so I can't wait!
I'm just here.

Wait, are the spots first come first serve or will the entries be selected at random?
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(Jan 3, 2015, 03:00 PM)Athral_Burn Wrote: Wait, are the spots first come first serve or will the entries be selected at random?

FCFS I believe. Random picking would take a while.

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