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[ORAS] How to chain fish in ORAS/XY
(Dec 7, 2014, 12:54 PM)AquaX101 Wrote: If I'm chaining in my spare time - like at school between classes - and I close the 3DS, will the chain break? Also what if I suspend the software to check time or use 3DS browser?
I get bored fishing. Will it break the chain to save and turn off the game? I don't plan on doing any of the other chain breakers after returning to the game.
Im trying to get a shiny staryu for the hoenn pokedex for the oval charm. But whenever i kill or run from the rare staryu and start trying to chain and land a capture, it always ends up being a wailmer, I NEEDS HELP.!!!
If you save the game and then exit the game you break the chain?
@Flandery Yes
..August 2018...

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