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[POWERSAVES] Levi's Powersaves Shop
Hey there!

Here is my thread for powersaves. I will be doing requests in the order they come in, so don't spam me with messages asking when you will be done. When you do request can you post the following:

Friend Code:
Trianer Name:
Service Requested: (Clone, Shiny, Items, Nature, IVs etc)

For my sanity and to keep the trade time to a minimum, I request you to request no more than 6 pokemon at one time. If you have any more, finish the first trade and then hop back in the queue. Thanks again!

NOTE: I work a full time job, so it might take me a day or two to get to your request/complete it.

Former Replay Moderator

Friend Safari
Type: Bug Pokemon: Paras, Venomoth, Illumise

Add me on LoL on EUW: MoneyDix
Friend Code: 1349-5903-1180
Trianer Name: Adrienne
Service Requested: Actually it'd be really cool to have a Shiny 6IV Zigzagoon/Bidoof
Friend Code:2681-0575-9560
Trianer Name:Will
Service Requested:i would like you to clone my lvl100 shiny kyoger (Im Planning on doing a givaway)

How many will you clone for me?
Friend Code: 3669 - 2100 - 6134
Trainer name: Ni5
Service requested: I would love a darkrai with dark void, this would be amazing! Hope you can help, cheers
Friend Code: 4854-6859-9114
IGN: Steve
Service Requested:  Think a 6IV Modest Manaphy is doable? If so, I would appreciate it
Friend Code:1822 2031 3986
Trainer Name:Mystica
Service Requested: A shiny sableye with 6 IV's would be great
How many clones are we allowed to have you do of the one pokemon
Friend code: 2810-0177-5031 
Trainer name: Zangief_Flut
Service Requested: Shiny female lilligant. shiny female mismagius, and finally  a Shiny female scizor (IV's dont mean much but it is appreciated if you make them 6iv too)

Thank you so much
Friend Code: 2638-1918-2980
Trainer Name: Ivan
Request: give my Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno 6IVs
Please and thank you :-)

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