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Pokémon Bank 100% linked to NNID?
Hello guys

so, I have a 3DS XL, and bought the new 2DS XL. I want of course to make a transfer from the old to the new to keep my stuff. Sadly my old 3DS XL can not update (wifi is broken) so I asked the technical support and they are going to dissociate my NNID from the old system so I can link it to the new. I will be able to redownload everything once it's done, but not saves (for eshop games mostly, and I only have one so no big deal).

The bank is made so your Pokémon are saved on Nintendo servers, so I assume I will recover everything once I link my NNID to the new system, but is there anything saved on the SD cart ? I'm thinking something like "cache" for example, that could maybe make the bank not work on the new system if that is not transfered?

I highly doubt it, but better be safe than sorry
I heard that 3ds got a new update 11.6 (and to use bank ya need to update)
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I couldn't seem to find a solid answer to this. Probably best to ask Nintendo directly just to be safe.
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