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Pokémon Global Link: Information and Items
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It's been a hot minute since I've been on here, but a post in my twitter feed from Serebii made me think to come back to this particular thread. PGL is about to get the axe, so spend your Poké Miles ASAP!!!
Quote:The Pokémon Global Link will go down on February 24th 2020 at 23:59 UTC. From then on, all gameplay elements which required access to it in the generation 7 games will be non-functioning. All other online components of those games will work.

Heart Introduction Heart
I was writing up a response for something and realized that there may be some people here who are unaware of the benefits of the PGL's PokéMileage Club.
This won't be a perfect post but I'm going to explain how to register for the Pokémon Global Link as well as the items you can get from the club's shop and minigames.
(I would mostly recommend this to those who use the GTS or use Wonder Trade a lot.)
I hope this helps out and that I didn't mess anything up. If I missed anything helpful, please let me know, and I'll add it in!

Heart How to Register Heart (According to an IGN Wiki article)
1: Create an account at the Pokémon Global Link
2: Connect your game to the internet using the Player Search System app in Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire. (Or in X/Y.)
3: Press Start/Select while on the PSS app to open the folder option. Scroll to the right to find the Game Sync Icon. Press this icon to find your 16-character Game Sync ID.
4: Go to the Pokémon Global Link website and sync your Pokémon game with your account.

Heart Poké Miles Information Heart (According to a PGL article and a Bulbapedia Article)
- Send your Poké Miles to the PGL by using Game Sync. (Warning: Once sent, these cannot be returned to your game/cartridge.)
- If you wish to keep your Poké Miles in your game instead of sending them to your PGL account, you can change the Game Sync settings via the in-game Game Sync menu so that no Poké Miles are sent.
- In OR/AS, check how many Poké Miles you have by looking at your Trainer Card.
- Collect Poké Miles by trading Pokémon via the Global Trade Station (GTS) (and I believe by Wonder Trading as well), or by connecting with other players using the Nintendo 3DS's StreetPass feature.
- You can also earn Poké Miles through the Pokémon Bank if you have it. It gives you a choice between Poké Miles or Battle Points. You receive 100 Poké Miles when Pokémon are deposited for the first time into Pokémon Bank. Additional Poké Miles are awarded for the length of time that a given Pokémon is deposited into Pokémon Bank. The amount of Poké Miles you earn increases if more Pokémon are deposited into Pokémon Bank.
- To send any items bought via the PGL's online PokéMileage Shop or earned via attractions/minigames, perform a Game Sync. There will be a delivery girl in any Pokémon Center with your items.
- The items you can receive supposedly differ between X/Y and OR/AS, but I'm not exactly sure how. If you're playing X/Y and discover differences, please let me know!

Heart In-Game PokéMileage Shop Heart (According to a Bulbapedia article)
- XY Exchange NPC: A Butler in Lumiose City's South Boulevard Pokémon Center.
- ORAS Exchange NPC: A Gentleman in Mauville City's PokéMileage Center in the northwest of the city.
- Here you can exchange your Poké Miles for a variety of items in-game.
- You can buy many of the PokéMileage Shop's items in-game, but I strongly urge you to buy them online instead, as the prices are far steeper in-game.
- There is a difference between the items you can buy in-game and the items you can buy via PGL. (In-Game Only: Ultra Ball --- PGL Only: Lemonade, Heart Scale)
- The price listed is for each item individually. The PM number after the name of each item is how much more expensive the item is in-game than it is on the PGL.

0010 PM: Berry Juice (+6 PM)
0020 PM: Moomoo Milk (+12 PM)
0030 PM: Full Heal (+18 PM)
0035 PM: Max Repel (+22 PM)
0060 PM: Hyper Potion (+36 PM)
0060 PM: Ultra Ball
0120 PM: Ether (+72 PM)
0125 PM: Max Potion (+76 PM)
0300 PM: Full Restore (+180 PM)
0400 PM: Max Revive (+200 PM)
0500 PM: Rare Candy (+250 PM)
1000 PM: PP Up (+500 PM)

Heart PGL PokéMileage Shop Heart
- Here you can exchange your Poké Miles for a variety of items online.
- You need to have 20 medals or more in order to be able to buy a Heart Scale, Max Revive, Rare Candy, and PP Up. You need to do certain things in-game to earn medals. For a list of these medals, check out Bulbapedia's articles for medals in XY and ORAS.

004 PM: Berry Juice
005 PM: Lemonade
008 PM: Moomoo Milk
012 PM: Full Heal
013 PM: Max Repel
024 PM: Hyper Potion
048 PM: Ether
049 PM: Max Potion
100 PM: Heart Scale
120 PM: Full Restore
200 PM: Max Revive
250 PM: Rare Candy
500 PM: PP Up

Heart PGL Attractions/Minigames Heart
- There are four Attractions/Minigames.
- There are three levels for each game, and each level offers a different variety of rewards. The reward you get is randomly selected from the appropriate item pool.
- Every level, with the exception ot the Mine Cart Adventure game, costs 100 Poké Miles. The levels of the Mine Cart Adventure game cost a different amount.
(MCA Lvl 1: 20 PM, MCA Lvl 2: 100 PM, MCA Lvl 3: 200 PM)

Heart Poké Doll Grabber (Berries)

~Lvl 1 Item Pool~
x1 Micle Berry
x1 Custap Berry
x1 Petaya Berry
x1 Apicot Berry
x1 Occa Berry
x1 Passho Berry
x1 Wacan Berry
x1 Rindo Berry
x1 Yache Berry
x1 Chople Berry

~Lvl 2 Item Pool~
x1 Jaboca Berry
x1 Rowap Berry
x1 Liechi Berry
x1 Ganlon Berry
x1 Kebia Berry
x1 Shuca Berry
x1 Coba Berry
x1 Payapa Berry
x1 Tanga Berry
x1 Charti Berry

~Lvl 3 Item Pool~
x1 Enigma Berry
x1 Salac Berry
x1 Kee Berry
x1 Maranga Berry
x1 Kasib Berry
x1 Haban Berry
x1 Colbur Berry
x1 Babiri Berry
x1 Chilan Berry
x1 Roseli Berry

Heart Mine Cart Adventure (Pokéballs)

~Lvl 1 Item Pool~
x1 Master Ball
x1 Net Ball
x1 Dive Ball
x1 Nest Ball
x1 Repeat Ball
x1 Timer Ball
x1 Luxury Ball
x1 Dusk Ball
x1 Heal Ball
x1 Quick Ball
x1 Ultra Ball
x1 Great Ball
x1 Poké Ball

~Lvl 2 Item Pool~
x1 Master Ball
x5 Net Ball
x5 Dive Ball
x5 Nest Ball
x5 Repeat Ball
x5 Timer Ball
x5 Luxury Ball
x5 Dusk Ball
x5 Quick Ball
x5 Heal Ball
x5 Ultra Ball
x5 Great Ball
x5 Poké Ball

~Lvl 3 Item Pool~
x01 Master Ball
x10 Net Ball
x10 Dive Ball
x10 Nest Ball
x10 Repeat Ball
x10 Timer Ball
x10 Luxury Ball
x10 Dusk Ball
x10 Quick Ball
x10 Heal Ball
x10 Ultra Ball
x10 Great Ball
x10 Poké Ball

Heart Graffiti Eraser (Battle Items)

~Lvl 1 Item Pool~
x1 PP Max
x1 PP Up
x1 Destiny Knot
x1 Power Bracer
x1 Power Lens
x1 Rare Candy
x1 Heart Scale
x1 Protein
x1 Calcium
x4 Muscle Wing
x4 Genius Wing

~Lvl 2 Item Pool~
x1 PP Max
x1 PP Up
x1 Lucky Egg
x1 Power Belt
x1 Power Band
x1 Rare Candy
x1 Heart Scale
x1 Iron
x1 Zinc
x4 Resist Wing
x4 Clever Wing

~Lvl 3 Item Pool~
x1 PP Max
x1 PP Up
x1 Macho Brace
x1 Power Weight
x1 Power Anklet
x1 Rare Candy
x1 Heart Scale
x1 HP Up
x1 Carbos
x4 Health Wing
x4 Swift Wing

Heart Balloon Popping (Evolution Items & Berries)
- See the post further below for a list of the Pokémon each item evolves.

~Lvl 1 Item Pool~
x1 Metal Coat
x1 Prism Scale
x1 Up-Grade
x1 Dubious Disc
x1 Deep Sea Tooth
x1 Deep Sea Scale
x1 Shiny Stone
x1 Dawn Stone
x1 Fire Stone
x3 Kelpsy Berry
x3 Hondew Berry

~Lvl 2 Item Pool~
x1 King's Rock
x1 Dragon Scale
x1 Electirizer
x1 Magmarizer
x1 Sachet
x1 Oval Stone
x1 Sun Stone
x1 Thunder Stone
x1 Water Stone
x3 Qualot Berry
x3 Grepa Berry

~Lvl 3 Item Pool~
x1 Razor Claw
x1 Razor Fang
x1 Protector
x1 Reaper Cloth
x1 Whipped Dream
x1 Everstone
x1 Moon Stone
x1 Dusk Stone
x1 Leaf Stone
x3 Pomeg Berry
x3 Tamato Berry
My Pkmn X Friend Safari - Fire
#1: Growlithe + #2: Larvesta + #3: Braixen
If you don't want your safari info posted, please let me know!
This is a great guide @Lythania , and for people who don't use the listing of all the PGL items. I encourage anyone in the forums to collect Poke Miles so anyone can get a potentially unlimited supply of PP Ups, PP Max, Rare Berries, Rare Candies, Heart Scales, Trade Evolutions Items, and even a couple Master Balls if luck is on your side. Some of these items are fairly easily to get in game assuming one already has a competitive team already, but I'd personally stock up on those PP Ups/Maxs since there are a very limited number in the games. Some of the minigames are fairly simple except for going for rare items especially the Master Ball. Like I did over like 200+ sessions of Mine Cart Adventure before I finally got one. Still this is a great way to get these items before asking help.
Thanks @Black117! I figured that this is a nice alternative way to get some of these items, especially stuff that you can flatly buy from the PGL Shop. I mean.. If someone has loads of Poké Miles then why not use them for something useful? :D

I personally like buying the Rare Candies and Heart Scales and recently earned a spare Destiny Knot just in case I need it sometime in the future. The games can be a bit of a pain if you're angling for specific items but they're fun enough if you have time to spare.
My Pkmn X Friend Safari - Fire
#1: Growlithe + #2: Larvesta + #3: Braixen
If you don't want your safari info posted, please let me know!
Heart PGL Evolution Item Cheatsheet Heart
As a sidenote, I decided to expand on the list of all of the PGL evolution items and include the Pokémon they evolve. A quick cheat-sheet of sorts. Smile I'd already thought of this while I was making the initial PGL guide but I sorta forgot about it until now hahah.

Heart Evolution via Holding & Leveling Up Heart

Oval Stone
#440 Happiny (Daytime) --> #113 Chansey

Heart Evolution via Holding & Trading Heart

Deep Sea Scale
#366 Clamperl --> #368 Gorebyss

Deep Sea Tooth
#366 Clamperl --> #367 Huntail

Dragon Scale
#117 Seadra --> #230 Kingdra

Dubious Disc
#233 Porygon2 --> #474 Porygon-Z

#125 Electabuzz --> #466 Electivire

King's Rock
#061 Poliwhirl --> #186 Politoed
#079 Slowpoke --> #199 Slowking

#126 Magmar --> #467 Magmortar

Metal Coat
#095 Onyx --> #208 Steelix
#123 Scyther --> #212 Scizor

Prism Scale
#349 Feebas --> #350 Milotic

#112 Rhydon --> #464 Rhyperior

Razor Claw
#215 Sneasel (Nighttime) --> #461 Weavile

Razor Fang
#207 Gligar (Nighttime) --> #472 Gliscor

Reaper Cloth
#356 Dusclops --> 477 Dusknoir

#682 Spritzee --> #683 Aromatisse

#137 Porygon --> #233 Porygon2

Whipped Dream
#684 Swirlix --> #685 Slurpuff

Heart Evolution via Stone Usage Heart

Dawn Stone
#281 Kirlia (Male) --> #475 Gallade
#361 Snorunt (Female) --> #478 Froslass

Dusk Stone
#198 Murkrow --> #430 Honchkrow
#200 Misdreavus --> #429 Mismagius
#608 Lampent --> #609 Chandelure

Fire Stone
#037 Vulpix --> #038 Ninetails
#058 Growlithe --> #059 Arcanine
#133 Eevee --> #136 Flareon
#513 Pansear --> #514 Simisear

Leaf Stone
#070 Weepinbell --> #071 Victreebel
#102 Exeggcute --> #103 Exeggutor
#274 Nuzleaf --> #275 Shiftry
#511 Pansage --> #512 Simisage

Moon Stone
#030 Nidoran(F) --> #031 Nidoqueen
#033 Nidoran(M) --> #034 Nidoking
#035 Clefairy --> #036 Clefable
#039 Jigglypuff --> #040 Wigglytuff
#300 Skitty --> #301 Delcatty
#517 Munna -> #518 Musharna

Shiny Stone
#176 Togetic --> #468 Togekiss
#315 Roselia --> #407 Roserade
#572 Minccino --> #573 Cinccino
#670 Floette --> #671 Florges

Sun Stone
#044 Gloom --> #182 Bellossom
#191 Sunkern --> #192 Sunflora
#546 Cottonee --> #547 Whimsicott
#548 Petilil --> #549 Lilligant
#694 Helioptile --> #695 Heliolisk

Thunder Stone
#025 Pikachu --> #026 Raichu
#133 Eevee --> #135 Jolteon
#603 Eelektrik --> #604 Eelektross

Water Stone
#061 Poliwhirl --> #062 Poliwrath
#090 Shellder --> #091 Cloyster
#120 Staryu --> #121 Starmie
#133 Eevee --> #134 Vaporeon
#271 Lombre --> #272 Ludicolo
#515 Panpour --> #516 Simipour
My Pkmn X Friend Safari - Fire
#1: Growlithe + #2: Larvesta + #3: Braixen
If you don't want your safari info posted, please let me know!
So I've been playing Mine Cart Adventure to get Master Balls, and I've got one out of about 2k points spent. What I don't understand is that you don't even have to get an A to get the rarest reward, it's totally random :I
I really hate how rare the Master Ball is, as I've played this minigame several times and ended up walking out with every other Pokeball. Pokemiles are a good resource which you get from using Pokebank and by triggering in-game events such as walking about 200 steps per Pokemile. Players who breed and soft reset for legendaries should take it into consideration
@"Red Lake" Yeah.. The complete randomization of the rewards really does suck.
@Marcusube I totally forgot about the Poké Miles you can earn through the Pokémon Bank!! Thank you for reminding me, I added that to the post! :D
My Pkmn X Friend Safari - Fire
#1: Growlithe + #2: Larvesta + #3: Braixen
If you don't want your safari info posted, please let me know!

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