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Post any of your collected shinies here
Just take pictures of ur shiny pokemon here so u can trade and show off.
oh boy, first I need a camera...
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Oh, boy. I wouldn't even know where to start. As of today, I have found, and successfully captured, 182 Shinies. Not to brag of course, that's just the actual number. I suppose maybe then I should start with the one that started it all...wait one second, let me get my camera.

[Image: sAFw6fw.jpg]
His name was Melanoma. I still have him stored on my X version. He was the very first pokémon I ever Shiny hunted once I heard the odds had been lowered. I know a lot people don't like Shiny Druddigon, but I actually think it looks really cool. And the contrast of colors is nice. According to my records, I found him in 283 Friend Safari encounters.

- 0kamii

P.S. If I remember right, I named him Melanoma because my grandma was fighting lung cancer at the time (she lost), and I thought the yellow face made Druddigon look like he had cancer too.
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This is Ali, the first gen VII shiny I obtained and the only one I've found full odds. I ran into it at school while EV training my first VGC17 team chaining Crabrawler! I named him after one of my greatest inspirations as a martial artist, Muhammad Ali 

[Image: HKEtCpf.jpg]

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welp, as a fellow shiny hunter, i too have amassed a decent collection of rarities. a weird thing i'll mention is that all of these shinies were found during some sort of car ride. i honestly think i'm cursed. instead of showing 1 at a time, i thought i'd show y'all 3. hopefully that's ok. 

[Image: goild.jpg]
this is my most recent shiny(at the time of writing this). i named it goild because yoillow or whoite doesn't sound that good to me. this is my 4th SR shiny, and took over 1000 encounters. i was being driven home from school, and decided to do a few encounters, and after 3 it appeared.

[Image: kyurem.jpg]

my 3rd SR shiny, kyurem, took 4275 encounters, and that 4275th encounter took place right before me, my sister and my brother set off to the mall. the main reason why i chose black kyurem over white kyurem was i already had a shiny reshiram (who was my first SR shiny). and also black kyurem has more of a change than white kyurem, so there's that.

[Image: crystal.jpg]

and finally, is my 2nd SR hunt. i named it crystal because A) pokemon crystal and B) i totally suck at nicknames. i got this one on a trip to panda express, so hooray for chineese cuisine.

and that's all for me. peace
as for myself i encountered a shiny alolan dugtrio in my sun, bred shiny eevee and gastly in um and have shiny events
Shiny karp on my first ever cast of the fishing rod you get on SM. It'll never be evolved because it's just better than a red gyarados.
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at the moment i cant post cuz i dont know how cuz im stupid but i have a shiny lotad i nicknamed apple in my alpha sapphire im doing the shiny badge quest so my next shiny is comin soon

and someone tell me how to post pictures
Will edit the post later to add the pictures of my shinies but there’s a story to them. 
Shiny Shinotic - I was wondertrading and this beauty came to me while holding leftovers 

Shiny Samurott- Another Wondertrade Shiny

Shiny Pikachu- Wondetrade... again

Shiny Scizor - Was trying to fill my dex and got it through GTS after putting a Scyther up for trade
When making a post, there's a bit under the bold, italic etc. which has an image button, alongside buttons to create links, videos and smilies. Although I've only ever used it to create images using their URLs, don't know if it works for files.
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