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[REQUEST] Help evolving two Clamperl
Hello all,

I just finished a playthrough of Ultra Sun in which I was using two Clamperl, hoping to evolve them at some point during the game, but not realising that the Deep Sea Scale/Tooth are only available after the main story has been beaten. I finally got both their evolutionary items from Lana, so I'm looking for someone who wouldn't mind trading with me so that I can evolve both my Clamperl and continue to the post-game with a Huntail and Gorebyss. I know it's only a small request, but I'd massively appreciate any help, and it's of course a good opportunity if any of you have any Pokémon that you need to trade to evolve, but have no one to trade with like me.

Once again, thanks for the help in advance.
I've got quite a bit of free time, hit me up when you can trade!

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