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[REQUEST] LF Turtwig, Chimchar, and Tepig
i wanted one of each starter pokemon, all i am missing is  Turtwig, Chimchar, and Tepig.
i have 5IV bulbasaurs, charmanders, and kabutos to offer for them.
Spreedsheet of Friend safaris Here =)
Can I have a 5IV Charmander with 31/31/31/X/31/31? I'll give you a Tepig later.
Life only happens once. Make the most out of it.

I main Tracer for some reason...
My Friend Safari is Flying with Pidgey, Fletchiender and Swanna. Feel free to add me!

Also, my name is Hayden... Why am I Johnnyspyguy?
Yep. Added your FC and ready to trade when ever you are
Spreedsheet of Friend safaris Here =)
Can I get a 5iv Charmander for a Chimchar?
I have Turtwig! One of those Bulbasaurs would be really helpful!
What is the IV pref?
Spreedsheet of Friend safaris Here =)
I have ayepig to offer for the kabito! Won't be home until after school though
IV don't matter! Iwill send you a PM when I am ready to trade!
iv dont matter for me either just as long mas they're decent
@DarienDenciati  online now if you want to trade
Spreedsheet of Friend safaris Here =)

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