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Hi, looking for a Karrablast with HA please will trade shiny steelix for it thnx.
hey i have a karrablast but what is HA? Thanks Alex
(Apr 11, 2018, 03:49 AM)asmith77 Wrote: hey i have a karrablast but what is HA? Thanks Alex

Hidden ability its No Gaurd
i dont have a karrablast with the special ability but i do have a shiny Escavalier with perfect IVs with the ability swarm if you are interested? I also have a few other shinies that i can trade if you are willing to such as makuhita, machamp, arceus, toxicroak, diance, infernape with perfect IVs, ditto, genesect, octillery, greninja with secret ability protean and perfect IVs, azumarill, quagsire, raikou, crawdaunt, poliwhirl, pikachu with perfect IVs, typhlosion, dragonair, delphox with perfect IVs, luvdisc, gyarados, magikarp, mewtwo with perfect IVs, Xerneas, Yvetal and a limited adition level 100 shiny jirachi with perfect IVs from the Pokemon Centre Tokhu event. I also have a few legendaires if you are interested.
Thankyou Alex
ik i have 1 in dream ball i believe

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