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[REQUEST] Want to build a team with Metagross
I was poking around Pokemon Home for awhile and happened to come across an old gem I had sitting around collecting dust for awhile - a shiny Metagross that I'm... not entirely sure how I came by but it's one of my old favorites nonetheless and I would love to feature it in a decent-ish team. Only problem is, I've kinda been out of the battling crowd for a while so I'm a bit rusty and am having some difficulty making up my mind for Metagross's partners.

Any ideas? I'd love to hear them.
[Image: 376-00-shiny.png]
Metagross is a great pick! So, are you looking to make a singles or doubles team? I'll list an idea for both, and just see what suits you best!


Clefable is and will remain a monster in OU, so a strong steel type in Metagross who deals massive damage is a great way to break through a tank like that. Pokemon like Garchomp will favor getting rid of Clefable, so immediately that's one great pairing. You also have the ability to slot Metagross onto a sand team with the likes of Tyranitar and Excadrill.


Much of the same applies for Doubles, but Metagross now doesn't fear common stat lowering factors like Intimidate thanks to Clear Body, making it a very scary lead depending on the opponent's team. Pair it with Sand and it works great. Metagross can absolutely destroy Hail teams like Aurorus + Arctovish, Abomasnow etc. Kyurem is also going to be a common threat so having a Pokemon like Metagross might be a good option as it's currently not all that popular in usage. Other pairings could include general healing support in Chansey, Stall in Toxapex / Clefable, or full offensive with Garchomp and similar Pokemon. Metagross can fit with a lot of Pokemon.

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