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Redeem your pokemon
@moo311 sorry i was not online i was so tired i could not stay awake is it possible at sunday from 4 PM GMT ?
how about today between 9-10 am est?
if you haven't got time then the silvally would be important for a battle in the evening.. Can we then trade only this one over gts?
thanks in advance
@rayqon Sure
@Brootox Sure. I'll be on at 9 and stay online for an hour. For now, you can put up a Pokemon for silvally on the gts
@moo311  if you wan a link trade early, i can
@The Flying Scotsman Sure, let me add your fc

Btw, I have a new one. It's 2209-0962-1613
I added you, and i'm online. @moo311 Thanks

I think your 10pm is my 3am and your 10am is my 3pm... If i'm mathing that right haha so maybe sometime around your morning?
I'm online right now..
my fc is 2294-8253-1940
@Magic_Mutch Can you trade anytime between 9 AM and 10 AM my time, so 2-3 PM your time, tomorrow
great! thank you very much

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