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[SHINY] Top 10 Worst Shiny Pokemon [In my Opinion]
I love Shiny Pokemon. You love Shiny Pokemon. Most of the Shiny Pokemon have some really cool color changes, but with over 800 Pokemon now, it comes as no surprise that some of these Pokemon have bland and boring colors, and these are just 10 from a list of many Shiny Pokemon I don't like.

10. Togedemaru [Image: togedemaru.png] > [Image: DUga_vdVMAAD2bN.jpg]

Yes, that's really it's Shiny. Barely noticeable at first glance, this Shiny is at number 10 solely because of all the "barely a change" Shinies, this is easily the worst. Personally, I'd give it a blue tint just because no current Pika clone has a blue Shiny.

9. Zoroark [Image: zoroark.png] > [Image: DUgcjouVMAAEhgH.jpg]

I don't think much needs to be said here, Zorua's Shiny is easily one of the best in Gen 5, but then you have Zoroark who just... ugh, that Purple does not suit it at all. It should have just kept it's blue from Zorua and it would probably be my favourite Gen 5 Shiny.

8. Rhydon (Gen 2) [Image: rhydon.png]

God damn, really GF? REALLY? Rhydon's Shiny in Gen 2 is basically it's normal coloring now. I mean, I don't like any of Rhydon's Shinies, but this one is really underwhelming. They could have made it a little more colorful at least.

7. Solgaleo [Image: solgaleo.png]

With Lunala's Shiny being obviously based on the Blood Moon, Solgaleo's is based on a Red Giant star.... but it doesn't suit it at all. It reminds me of a titan from AoT for some reason, probably because it looks like Solgaleo has been skinned leaving it's muscle tissue exposed.

6. Glameow [Image: glameow.png]

Ok it had to be said. This Shiny sucks. It suffers from the barely any change effect, and while it's not exactly an easy to miss Shiny, it's definitely underwhelming. Purrloin and Lieapard nailed the shiny cat Pokemon thing, so why not Glameow?

5. Igglybuff (Gen 3 +) [Image: igglybuff.png]

Igglybuff is one of many, MANY Pokemon from Gen 2 whose Shinies in the newer Gens are just plain awful in comparison to the original versions.

4. Mega Rayquaza [Image: rayquaza-mega.png]

*gasp* What's this? Someone doesn't like the best Shiny ever? God forbid someone should have a different opinion amirite? Well yeah, I don't like Shiny Mega Rayquaza for a couple of reasons, 1, Dark Green is way better than solid black on Rayquaza, and would have fit the Shiny Mega perfectly imo, and 2, this Shiny is so overrated. Ok. It's black. So is Greninja, and Pallosand. Now what?

3. Hoopa Unbound [Image: hoopa-unbound.png]

It sucks to put you so high on the list, because I genuinely love Hoopa, but this Shiny is such an eyesore. I really really don't like this gold shade on Hoopa. It doesn't suit it at all. A nice red would be cool, but this gold color just plastered on top of it is so weird and I don't think it suits aat all.

2. Moltres (Gen 6) [Image: moltres.png]

What is with it and Gen 2 Shiny colors being awfully updated in later Gens? This one genuinely confuses me, Gen 2 Shiny Moltres was a pinkish-white with pink flames, and then bam, we get.. whatever that is. It hurts to look at, and if it weren't for my living dex, I'd skip it entirely. Please, GF if you're somehow reading, please don't do this anymore.

1. Cosmog [Image: cosmog.png]

No. Just no. Why was this allowed to happen? Why is the only thing that changes on this god-awful Pokemon, it's damn cheeks? What was GF drinking when making this? Surely they could have changed the yellow ring color? Or the eyes and face? Or the nebula? But no, we got, that. Thank god it's Shiny locked cos god knows I'm not hunting that underwhelming trash.
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Good list!

Espeon should be an honorable mention. It's a lovely Pokemon (and one of my top signature monsfor a decade) but... its shiny is snot-green. Why. It should've been blue or pink, or a different shade of purple...
why do all the good shinys get ruined by f'ing green. GREEN? like they didnt have control over different kinds of colour palette swaps. its like they just went with the first one they saw and said, aw screw diversity, only nerds will see these shinys anyways....right?then you got the sunburnt pokemon who are way to red (solgaleo,heliolisk,moltress) and then you have the pokemon who look like they didnt get the memo about free tans(gengar,garchomp) or the pokemon who look like they barely got tanned at all(raichu). its like geezus christ. if the internet can make good colour palettes then why couldnt nintendo in the first place?!
While a blue Zoroark would be cool, I kind of like its actual shiny. Maybe it's just because I quite like the colour purple.
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Feels like it's quite hard to narrow them down to a top 10 worst, considering many shinies are equally disappointing, like many early gen mons such as Dewgong, Pidgeot, Golem, Fearow, Kingler, Ledian, Sunflora, Blissey etc
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Tbh I don't like shiny Lunala. The red color they used doesn't look very nice on it. Maybe if they'd chosen something less maroonish it'd look better.
Also, I don't really like Lunala in general. It has two 4x weaknesses and I thought it was some sort of demon bird when I saw it. The only noticeable resemblance it bears to a bat is the spiky teeth things on the face.

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