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Looking for an Inner Focus Kang and a Contrary Fomantis. Anything in particular you would like in return?
hey @wartty sorry i havnt been on to check since you tagged me. work has been extremely busy for me lately so free time hasnt been a thing lol. Just lemme know what you need as far as items go, i have a few of a lot of things that i never really use. also have a few other HA mons i wouldnt mind requesting if you have them.
@wartty I'm looking for an inner focus Kang (prefer with double edge egg move) and an alolan vulpix with snow warning. I can give you two rare candies in exchange.
Hey man any chance that you have a HA dratini with extreme speed if possible, and also a HA torchic I’ve got rare candies if you still need them.
Like I asked on a topic I made of my own, I am looking for a HA Spritzee.

I can give various HA pokemon, which I need to check the info on, but they include, but aren't limited to, A-Geodude, Bagon, Mareanie, and Ralts.
I'm looking for HA Lileep/Cradily in a dream ball if possible. And a HA Ralts. I got rare candies for trade.
Hey I'm looking for a HA sandshrew (alola) and I have a heavy ball cubone breedject, some lure ball magikarps or rare candies Smile
Do you have any hidden ability tangelas? Preferably if you could get it in a luxury ball, it would be greatly appreciated. I have rare candies if you are still taking them. Thanks in advance.
Omg I'm such a ad person it's been so long since I've been online Dx gonna @everyone tell me if you still need it and when would work for you

@TheWishMaker don't have luxury ball but I have friend dream and normal pokeball

@Buddhafuldays got heavy ball sandhrew and Cubone ;D

@KookiemukerGot  some female HA cradily since I made you wait :p

@dmann I need to update the front page I officially captured all the HA Pokemon a couple weeks ago :p so rare candies are preferred

@Swoliosis rare candies are always excepted Smile

@TheKrugLife think I got double edge Kangaskhan and I got too many Vulpix lol

@PhantomBravo sorry lol I've hardly been online either, still in need?
Dont know why I never thought to put this here...
All your Hidden Ability needs in one place <3
Just noticed the response. Question is what would you consider 'Unusual' from the front page?

And how do we get the Rare Candies etc to you?

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