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[SHOP OPEN] The Shiny Lunar Shop!(S.L.S)*REVISED*
pikipeks ability is skill link and the pikipek is in a normal pokeball. the sandshrew is in a quick ball

ok thank you. I'm really interested in the pikipek and I have shiny tentacool, chansey, magcargo, and grumpig if you're interested.
Im interested in the Chansey if that is alright with you

yeah would you like the info on it?
Just levels maybe.
it's lvl 57
yeah sure, il take it

are you ready to trade now?
(Feb 17, 2018, 10:00 PM)Umbreon9004 Wrote:
(Feb 17, 2018, 09:37 PM)Pokeballsohard Wrote: Hey @Umbreon9004  you said you're doing events as well? Could I see a list of the events you have for trade?

Well i regret to inform you that my selection of events isnt too satisfactory, but i will still list what i have
Emboar-Lv50 Gender:M
Gourgeist-Lv50 Gender:M
Samurott-Lv60 Gender:M
2 Shiny Diancie both Lv100 Gender:N/A
2 Shiny Xerneas both Lv100 Gender:N/A
Shiny Yveltal-Lv100 Gender:N/A
Shiny Arceus-Lv100 Gender:N/A
Silvally-Lv100 Gender:N/A
Shiny Metagross-Lv100 Gender:N/A
Shiny Darkrai-Lv52 Gender:N/A
Snorlax-Lv76 Gender:M
Shiny Tapu-koko-Lv60 Gender:N/A
2 Victinni-Lv100 Gender(s):N/A
3 Volcanions- 2 Lv100,1 Lv70 Gender(s):N/A
2 Manaphy- Both Lv100 Gender(s):N/A
2 Hoopa- 1 Lv100,1 Lv60 Gender(s)N/A
Shaymin-Lv100 Gender:N/A
Meloetta-Lv100 Gender:N/A
Keldeo-Lv100 Gender:N/A
Darkrai-Lv100 Gender:N/A
Jirachi-Lv100 Gender:N/A
Genesect-Lv75 GenderN/A
Magearna- Lv50 Gender:N/A
Diancie-Lv50 GenderN/A
hope that helps

i see you have two Darkrais and two Victinnis would you mind giving me the info on them?

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