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[SHOP OPEN] The Shiny Lunar Shop!(S.L.S)*REVISED*
(Feb 17, 2018, 09:11 PM)Umbreon9004 Wrote: Thats right boys and girls, my shop has appeared once more. I decided after last time that i didnt set myself apart from others too well in my last post. so i decided to revive the shop in our newest day. so I will make this announcment that we dont just deal in typical shinys here. oh no. we deal in events, legendaries, shinys, even normal pokemon. so Why not come in and say hello. below i will be re-posting my old list for my shiny inventory,along with my set of rules, and if requested, i will provide you with a list of legendaries and events that i am in possession of.

1. under no circumstances will i trade 2 pokemon for just 1
2. You may only ask for a set amount of shinys or legendarys. (5 per week) after all, i want other people to have a chance to grab what i got!
3. all trades must be fair in certain ways(ex. same level, shiny, or legendary) unless i find the deal to be fair in other ways
4. if you make a request for a pokemon, dont wait to long to recieve it. if you request a pokemon and it takes 24 hours or more for a response, it will go back up for trade unless you request it again.
Now below i shall post the list of shinys(and a seperate list of legendaries) i have for trading!
Level 100's: 2 Latios, 2 latias, 2 diancie, 2 mewtwo, 3 xerneas, 2 yveltal, zekrom, cresselia, 2 regigigias, entei, suicune, palkia, phione, zapdos, kyogre, groudon, rayquaza, articuno, arceus, thundurus, heatran, Tapu-koko , Kyurem, Greninja, gourgeist, 2 sylveon, vaporeon, 2 glaceon, espeon, umbreon, jolteon, leafeon, ditto, decidueye, seviper, pinsir, Typlhosion, Rapidash, Manectric, Absol, Swoobat, Hawlucha, Gengar, Tsareena, Metagross, Ampharos, Porygon2, Gardevoir, A Raichu, Tyranitar, Goodra, Silvally, Feraligator, Camerupt, Toxapex, Charizard, Magcargo, Drapion, Slowking, Rhyperior.
Under Level 100: Aromatisse, Crobat, Latios, Sceptile, Heliolisk, 2 Drapions, Audino, Crustle, Flareon, Darkrai, Trevenant, Kommo-o, Chansey, Exeggcute, Pupitar, Salazzle, Quagsire, Slowpoke, Bagon, A Sandshrew.

If you would like to hear my selection of non-shiny legendaries, then dont be afraid to ask!

The Umbreon Lunar Shop: Whether its under the sun or moon, we hope to see you soon! Wink

Would I need a lvl 100 shiny for a Sylveon?
First off, id like to appologize for not getting back to you sooner on this post. since this has gone far from the recent posts section i havent really seen a point to checking it.

Secondly: If the Level of the shiny is 100 then yes, I base all my trades off of similarities. If I were to trade a level 100, then i would ask for a level 100 back. If i was trading a shiny of any level, then I would want a shiny in return, that is of the same or greater level, say for a few special shinys. But since the Sylveon is in fact a level 100 shiny, it is by my reasoning that I should request a level 100 shiny in return. But Il tell you what, since i do kinda owe you for not getting back sooner, IF you dont have any level 100 shinys, then i will gladly accept a non shiny level 100, or any other shiny pokemon in exchange for the sylveon

Again, i appologize for the inconvenience
I have a shiny granbull and a shiny floatzel, but if you can wait untill saturday I can give you more options. Thank you for your patience and integrity, I apreceate it.  Big Grin
Would it be okay if I traded for the Umbreon instead?
(Mar 13, 2018, 01:04 PM)Verticore Wrote: @Umbreon9004 
Would it be okay if I traded for the Umbreon instead?
If you require the information on it i can also provide it. besides that though, i dont see a problem with you taking that
When can we start the trade?
Now if your available?
(Feb 17, 2018, 10:00 PM)Umbreon9004 Wrote:
(Feb 17, 2018, 09:37 PM)Pokeballsohard Wrote: Hey @Umbreon9004  you said you're doing events as well? Could I see a list of the events you have for trade?

Well i regret to inform you that my selection of events isnt too satisfactory, but i will still list what i have
Emboar-Lv50 Gender:M
Gourgeist-Lv50 Gender:M
Samurott-Lv60 Gender:M
2 Shiny Diancie both Lv100 Gender:N/A
2 Shiny Xerneas both Lv100 Gender:N/A
Shiny Yveltal-Lv100 Gender:N/A
Shiny Arceus-Lv100 Gender:N/A
Silvally-Lv100 Gender:N/A
Shiny Metagross-Lv100 Gender:N/A
Shiny Darkrai-Lv52 Gender:N/A
Snorlax-Lv76 Gender:M
Shiny Tapu-koko-Lv60 Gender:N/A
2 Victinni-Lv100 Gender(s):N/A
3 Volcanions- 2 Lv100,1 Lv70 Gender(s):N/A
2 Manaphy- Both Lv100 Gender(s):N/A
2 Hoopa- 1 Lv100,1 Lv60 Gender(s)N/A
Shaymin-Lv100 Gender:N/A
Meloetta-Lv100 Gender:N/A
Keldeo-Lv100 Gender:N/A
Darkrai-Lv100 Gender:N/A
Jirachi-Lv100 Gender:N/A
Genesect-Lv75 GenderN/A
Magearna- Lv50 Gender:N/A
Diancie-Lv50 GenderN/A
hope that helps

 Could I get a genesect

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