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[SHOP OPEN] Vivillon Collectors Shop!
Right on Smile sorry for the sloppy trading lol I kept getting distracted
@0kamii Thank you for the pokemon, i will give it a good use!  Big Grin

@JoeBoss23 I'm sorry I couldn't connect sooner. I had this week too much work from the college and a very bad connection. When is it better for you to trade?
You available now?
(Dec 16, 2017, 08:10 AM)JoeBoss23 Wrote: You available now?

Sure! I'm in the plaza now.
Stock                        Demand
-River                      -Archipelago
-Continental            -Sandstorm
-High Plains             -Sun
-Tundra                   -Ocean
-Modern                  -Jungle

Also a
question for @0kamii  What are the other 2 event patterns, and what do they look like?

Hey, JoeBoss. The other two Vivillon patterns are event exclusive. They're called the Poké Ball pattern, and the Fancy pattern respectively.

[Image: poke_ball_vivillon.png?w=1200][Image: 666-fancy.png] 
Easily the two hardest Vivillon patterns to find. I don't know when or how they were distriputed, and they're not breedable either. Therefore, I can't imagine anyone that has one would want to part with it. But maybe all of us collectors will get lucky and find one?

- 0kamii

P.S. Sorry for not repping you for the trade. I'll fix that right now. I forgot...
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 
@0kamii i have both the exclusive patterns and can clone them if you want.

i also have one extra of elegant, modern, polar, meadow and continental (my own region)

i need:
icy snow
ocean jungle

hope someone can help Big Grin

If you clone them both and give me one of each, I'd be thrilled to bits. Is it too much to ask for a Timid nature on the Poké Ball pattern? No sense in having a cool pattern without being able to use it. If not, I'll still gladly take them, if possible.

As for the others, I don't have spares of any of those, but I imagine finding an extra Icy Snow/Tundra couldn't be that hard. I can look if you want? Would that be a fair trade?

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 
@Skulblaka01  Would you possibly be able to clone me a pair as well? Also I can give you anything you want from my stock
@0kamii  Thank you very much for that rep and the info
@0kamii and anyone who happens to see this, I have plenty of clones of all 20 patterns so if you want to totally complete the collection I can help. I've seen a lot of threads warning against pms, but I like to trade by pm so as not to flood the thread with posts.... and seeing as I'm the one giving, I couldn't be scamming lol. so, please pm me if you want help. a couple of my patterns have japanese names, but they are still the pattern to collect, you know? if you are willing, I'd ask you to pm me, the same username [mste1602] on neoseeker, subject line vivillion, but if you don't want to sign up for another forum I'll check back here off and on as well. my timezone is US Central time, so I don't know who will or won't be up while I am, but if you specify your time zone in your message to me, I can try to arrange to be up early or stay up late to meet with you Smile lmk if you want help

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