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[SUN/MOON] FT: Many events/edit services/Inside. LF: Reservations of Corsola Jpn codes/rotom co.

no ok, reason why i don't have glaceon is cause it was not of my interest of getting also that one (i could get it when i got the Vaporeon same time)

but maybe in future i change mind, who knows.

thing is the glaceon had a kind of bad nature i think that wy i didnt need.

is there something else you have? If you ever get new codes corsola from people let me know too, at moment mostly looking for that or other new codes like kyogre etc or as vid proofed in a different lang that i will miss (tommorow i think i get some redeemed if redeemer has time )

btw did you hear about news of korean league upcoming ? i asked some korean people if could get me one of them redeemed recorded (chance is low at moment )
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