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[SUN/MOON] Haruna's Abandon Thrifty Megamart
@lbeeh I'm Interested on both! any other you are interested?

i am online now
@Haruna  I would take a Cubone with Lightning Rod! I can also give you a Snivy but it doesn't have HA (I've actually been hunting one with the HA if you come across it!)
I've added you!
@R2LSD2 Did you added me yet?
@lbeeh ill send a request.

just added you
@Haruna Double check that Drampa for me I wanna make sure I gave you the right one I neglected to mark the IVs because theres like 2 boxes of them XD
@lbeeh Enjoy! Woah! I smell a giveaway there.
@R2LSD2 Enjoy!
@Haruna Hehe I've thought about it! A lot of them are Sap Sipper tho and not the best Natures so I've mostly been wonder trading them out. Thank you so much!

thank you
@lbeeh It's a Mild one with 2 ivs. Nice job. lol. I'll wait for you at the plaza. Wait for my request. picking up the Laundry atm.

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