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[SUN/MOON] Haruna's Abandon Thrifty Megamart

Haruna's Abandon Thrifty Megamart
[Formerly was Haruna's Trade Centre]

Welcome to Haruna's Abandon Trifty Megamart at Tapu Village. Read first and feel free to look around what pokemon are living in here temporary! 

Where to reach me?

Leave a reply for any questions and iquiries, or if interested. Type @Haruna for faster replies. 
PMs and PF Discord works too!

Status: Offline. Leave a reply, PM me, or find me in PF Discord.

Current Breeding project: ?

Trade Options* 

Pokemon breedjects 4-5iv's or higher
with their HA**
with Egg Moves**

***Limited Request***


*Pokemons currently for trades aren't the ones I'm looking for, unless it works well in a different Nature*
**Optional, but Higher Priority**

***Highest Priority***

 Currently Up for Trades (Abandon Thrifty Megamart's Tenants)

Alola Veriants

[Image: rowlet.png]
Rowlet(s) - Adamant/Jolly [5iv(no Sp. Atk)] or [5iv] or [4iv]

[Image: litten.png]
Litten(s) - Adamant [5iv] or [4iv]

[Image: popplio.png]
Popplio(s) - Modest [5iv] or [4iv]

[Image: pikipek.png]
Pikipek(s) - Adamant {Keen Eye and Skill Link} [5iv] or [4iv]

[Image: yungoos.png]
Yungoos - Adamant {Stakeout and Strong Jaws} [5iv] or [4iv]

[Image: cutiefly.png]
Cutiefly(s) - Timid {Shield Dust} [5iv] or [4iv]

[Image: rockruff.png]
Rockruff(s) - Adamant/Jolly {Keen Eye and Vital Spirit and Steadfast(HA)} [5iv]

[Image: mareanie.png]
Mareanie(s) - Bold {Meciless, Limber and Regenerator(HA)} [5iv(no Atk] or [5iv] or [4iv] 

[Image: dewpider.png]
Dewpider(s) - Adamant - {Water Bubble and Water Absorb(HA)}  [5iv] or [4iv]

[Image: fomantis.png]
Fomantis(s) - Adamant/Modest - {Leaf Guard and Contrary(HA)}  [5iv] or [4iv]

[Image: salandit.png]
Salandit(s) - Timid {Corrosion} [5iv]

[Image: oranguru.png]
Oranguru(s) - Modest {Inner Focus and Telepathy} [5iv] or [4iv]

[Image: wimpod.png]
Wimpod(s) - Adamant {Wimp Out} [5iv] or [4iv]

[Image: sandygast.png]
Sandygast(s) - Modest {Water Compaction} [5iv] or [4iv]

[Image: minior.png]
Minior(s) - Jolly {Shields Down} [5iv]

[Image: turtonator.png]
Turtonator - Modest {Shell Armor} [5iv] or [4iv]

[Image: mimikyu.png]
Mimikyu(s) - Jolly {Disguise} [5iv] or [4iv]

[Image: drampa.png]
Drampa(s) - Modest {Baserk or Sap Sipper} [4iv] or [5iv]

[Image: dhelmise.png]
Dhelmise(s) - Adamant {Steelworker} [5iv]

Alolan Form

[Image: cubone.png]
Cubone(s) - Adamant {Rock Head and Lightning Rod} [5iv]

[Image: exeggcute.png]
Exeggcute(s) - Modest {Chlorophyll and Harvest(HA)} [5iv]

[Image: grimer-alola.png]
Alolan Grimer(s) - Adamant {Poison Touch} [5iv]

[Image: pichu.png]
Pichu(s) - Timid {Static and Lightning Rod(HA)} [5iv]

[Image: sandshrew-alola.png]
Alolan Sandshrew(s) - Adamant {Snow Cloak and Slush Rush(HA)} [5iv]

[Image: vulpix-alola.png]
Alolan Vulpix(s) - Modest/Timid {Snow Cloak and Snow Warning(HA)} [5iv] or [4iv]

[Image: growlithe.png]
Growlithe(s) - Adamant/Jolly {Intimidate and Flash Fire} [5iv] or [4iv]

[Image: poliwag.png]
Poliwag(s) - Adamant/Calm {Water Absorb, Damp and Swift Swim(HA)} [5iv]

[Image: magnemite.png]
Magnemite(s) - Timid {Sturdy} [5iv]

Gastly(s) - Timid {Levitate} [4iv] or [5iv]

[Image: staryu.png]
Staryu(s) - Timid {Natural Cure} [5iv] or [4iv]

[Image: magikarp.png]
Magikarp(s) - Jolly {Swift Swim} [5iv]

[Image: porygon.png]
Porygon(s) - Modest {Trace and Download} [5iv] or [4iv]

[Image: dratini.png]
Dratini(s) - Adamant/Jolly {Shed Skin and Marvel Scale(HA)} [5iv] or [4iv]

[Image: sneasel.png]
Sneasel(s) - Jolly {Inner Focus, Keen Eye and Pickpocket(HA)} [5iv] or [4iv]

[Image: wingull.png]
Wingull(s) - Bold {Hydration} [5iv]

[Image: spheal.png]
Spheal(s) - Calm/Modest {Thick Fat and Ice Body} [5iv]

[Image: beldum.png]
Beldum(s) - Adamant/Jolly {Clear Body} [5iv]

[Image: gible.png]
Gible(s) - Adamant/Jolly {Sand Veil and Rough Skin(HA)} [5iv] or [4iv]

[Image: goomy.png]
Goomy(s) - Modest {Hydration and Sap Sipper} [5iv] or [4iv]

*List will be updated at anytime*
Coming Soon!
-Shiny Museum-
(Nov 26, 2016, 05:20 PM)Platinum Phoenix Wrote: @Haruna 

Thank you for the Merciless Mareanie, but I receieved a Mareanie with Limber instead of with Regeneration.

Oh shoot. I'll be back up. We will Swap. Sorry for the mix up!
Vulpixes are now up.
A couple of more new pokemon added in the trade list. Cool
Hey I have a scyther with adamant nature technician ability with vacuum wave quick attack peer and night slash . As egg moves I'm desperately looking for a Mareanie with regenerator ability if you interested and would like to trade you would be a true hero thanks.
@freshikki the turtonator you mentioned in the other trends. is it a breedject?
Im sort of a noob with breeding so im not sure whats a breedject is but i do know i did breed alot of them with my 6 iv ditto i wanted to get wide guard on it but didnt know how. but as far as egg moves it has none i just have a few with modest nature and 5 perfect ivs and a very good attack and i also have a adamant nature one with all 6 ivs
@freshikki no worries. there are no parents that can bestow wide guard to turtonator at the moment. I'll take one of your modest turtorator for my mareanie.

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