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[SUN/MOON] Haruna's Abandon Thrifty Megamart
Can I get anything for a lvl 91 metapod

Previously known as Julia234
I can't believe that that actually traded you for one @Colette . LOL
Is there any chance I could get one of the Beldum? I have a 5 IV (decent speed) Adament Rhyhorn if that interests you.
@HCSwimmer31 Sure. let me know when you added me and waiting at the plaza.
Ok, I just added you. My name on Moon is Flocka, sorry for the confusion haha. I'm at the Plaza now
Thank you!
@HCSwimmer31 You're welcome. Enjoy.
Hi @Haruna, interesting thread here. I am not quite sure how it works, but I guess I can request the available mons and offer some of my own breedjects?

I am interested in the following pokemon:
Oranguru - Modest {Telepathy} [5iv]
Cubone - Adamant {Lightning rod} [5iv]
Pichu - Timid {Static} [5iv]
Alolan sandshrew - Adamant {Slush rush(HA)} [5iv]
Growlithe - Adamant {Intimidate} [5iv]
Poliwag - Calm {Swift swim(HA)} [5iv]
Dratini - Adamant {Marvel scale(HA)} [5iv]

For my own breedjects, I have rain ducks, trick room pokemons and a few others (almost all 4IVs). The differing feature from your mon is printed in bold:

Rain ducks:
Psyduck - Modest {Swift swim} EM: Encore
Wingull - Modest {Hydration}

Trick room team:
Porygon - Relaxed/Sassy {Trace/Download}
Mudbray - Brave {Stamina}
Makuhita - Brave {Thick fat/guts}
Dewpider - Brave {Water bubble}
Cubone - Brave {Lightning rod/rockhead}
Drampa - Quiet {Berserk}

Growlithe - Timid {Intimidate/Flashfire} EM: close combat, morning sun, burn up
Grimer - Adamant {Gluttony} EM: curse, shadow sneak
Magnemite - Modest {Sturdy/Magnetpull}
Pinsir - Jolly {Hypercutter/Moldbreaker} EM: quick attack
Deino - Modest

Hope some of them catch your eyes and we can make some trades  :D
@nmhan Thanks for visiting. I'm interested in the Pinsir. I already have the others you offered, but you came at the right time. I was going to make more space for new breedjects. You may have all seven of the wanted pokemon for one pinsir.

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