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[TEAM REPORT] Pokemon Forever Association Draft Analysis (OU and UU)
Hey guys, as some of you may know Im running this season of the Pokemon Forever Association. Now even though this doesnt get as much fame as TTC or Some of the holiday cups, we are in week 5 in the season and things are running very smoothly. Now, to get back on the topic at hand im going to give everyone some insight on my team, and reasons I drafted the pokemon I did.

Note: Every 2 weeks we have a Free Agency draft where we can swap 1 pokemon per tier. I am going to do this report on my team at the moment, the pokemon I drafted will be added at the end.

Now, lets meet the Indianapolis Jolts

[Image: CTah_elWwAAwsW_.png]


1. Landorus-Therian
[Image: landorus_therian_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a49ew.gif]

With my first pick, 6th overall I chose Landorus T. Not only is Landorus T viable in both VGC and OU meta games, but it also serves as a very diverse pokemon. It can be a physical wall, scarf'd threat, AV, Rocks setter, Suicide, and Physical sweeper. As you can see there are many ways I could use this pokemon in singles. Originally I decided to go with Scarf, but Ive been trying Physical wall which has worked to my advantage as well.

2. Starmie
[Image: starmie_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a48y9.gif]

With Lando T picked in the 2nd OU round I went with Starmie. Starmie is a very good pokemon because of its diverse move pool and natural special bulk. I also needed a Rapid Spinner since Excadrill was chosen by the Charlotte Beedrills coached by Mitchmaster24. A fast, water type with a diverse move pool was what I wanted and the spinner was one of the perks. I also wanted something to counter Mega Venusaur, because I can never find a way to kill that thing, so the psychic typing was great for that.

3. Mega Alakazam
[Image: alakazam_mega_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a43dy.gif]

The way this team is going so far is the nice solid core of fast sweepers that can make someone cry. Mega Alakazam has a base special attack of 175 when it megas, that alone was enough for me to draft it. Again, my mega venusaur problem came into effect, but still. With that special attack, this thing is threatening.


1.  Sharpedo
[Image: sharpedo_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a491l.gif]

Did someone say rage... as in... RAGE SHARPEDO? Sharpedo came at a time when I thought to myself, I need more speed and physical attackers. As you can probably tell, my strategy is hyper offense. Sharpedo with the speed boost ability is probably one of the most underrated pokemon in the bulky water tier. With Dark being one of the best types in the game, a life orb'd anything does damage.

2. Darmanitan
[Image: darmanitan_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a43m9.gif]

Damintan is straight power.... what you want more? Base 145 attack with base 95 speed isnt enough for you? How about the sheer force ability which makes Flare Blitz 2HKO everything. It also serves as a pivot lead with its speed and access to U-Turn.

3. Toxicroak
[Image: toxicroak_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a48vb.gif]

With my 3rd and final UU pick I realized I need a fighting type and something to counter fairies. Toxicroak seems to do both, and with access to swords dance and drain punch, it can stay alive despite its natural bulk and 4x weakness to one of the best types in the game. Poison Jab helps out with Mega Gardevoir as well as Sylveon and Azumarill.

Those are the OU and UU picks for the Indianapolis Jolts, i'll be back as soon as possible with my RU and NU picks son, until then have a good one and remember #JoltsStrong
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