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[TOURNAMENT] First SuMo OU Showdown Tournament
First SuMo OU Showdown Tournament

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Welcome one and all to the first 2017 OU tournament of PokemonForever! Ill be your lovely host in this exciting event! (note: this is my first time ever hosting a tournament so please take it easy on me :3) This tournament will take place on February 11th at 2pm EST on Pokemon Showdown, you can find it here, you can either use the website of download the app it is up to you. I will be using for this event so make sure you have an account on that site in order to participate.


Challonge sign up page is here! Please register and sign up on the site Smile After doing so copy and paste the form below on this thread.

Tournament Form: 

Forum Name =
Challonge Account =
Showdown Name = 
Discord Name = Important: Must be an active one

Bracket will be found here! *note final bracket will not be ready until the day of the tournament before we start. I will inform everyone on discord when they are ready*

Check Ins for the tournament will start an hour previous to the tournament start time so make sure you check in, i will be reminding and promoting this tournament during the next 2 weeks as well.

Also I understand emergencies happen, but try and make sure if you sign up, that youll be able to make it to keep this event running as smoothly as possible.


Here is a list of some of the rules, failure to follow these may result in a lost, or disqualification from the event.

1.  The event is going to be based of Singles OU, so no pokemons in the Ubers tier are allowed, but pokemons from lower tiers are. If you are unfamiliar with the OU tier it can be found here

2.  You are allowed to have a max of 3 diferent teams that you can use in this event, you are allowed to switch teams in between rounds, you must submit your teams before the tournament starts and you are not allowed to alter them during the tournament so choose wisely.

3. If a player disconnects it will be a loss, unless the non disconected opponent allows for a rematch.

4.  This Tournament will follow smogon match clauses, so no moody ability, no OHKO moves, a player cannot put 2 or more pokemons to sleep, and you can only have 1 of each species of pokemons in your team for (example 2 Gengars), also no evasion raising moves are allowed (Minimize, Double Team, etc)

5. No Coaching allowed, players suspected of being coached will be disqualified, lets have a fair and fun tournament Smile

6. No Ghost battling, do not let anyone else play your matches or you will be disqualifed.

7. It will be single elimination best of 1, Finals will be a best of 3.

8. No salt will be tolerated, this is ment to be a fun event no need to get triggered we are all here to just play some pokemans. At the end of the day this is just a game.  Blush Heart


1st Place: A 20th Aniversary Mew and a Jirachi 

2nd Place: A set of the Worlds16 Kanto Starters all 3 of them with competitive natures, and their Mega Stones.

3rd Place: Your choice of one of the 3 Gamestop Shiny Johto Legendary Dogs trio from the 2011 event.


In order to register your teams PM me a Pastebin of your 3 teams, deadline for this is 1 hour before the tournament is scheduled to start, if you fail to do this you will be locked to only 1 team and if you change your team without registering the other 2 you will be disqualified.

As soon as the Round brackets are up, send a msg to your opponent ASAP and begin the fight, please make sure that you both upload the match when its done and send me a discord msg with links to the battles and the results.

Also Im looking for someone willing to Stream and Commentate this event if you are interesting in colaborating with me on this send me a PM and we will talk about it.  Blush
@Gvng Is it mandatory to have discord?  Sad  I can't use it

But well:

Forum Name: PabloTyron
Challonge Name: PabloTyron
Showdown Name: PabloTyron
Discord Name: Can't use discord
@PabloTyron well in this case it kinda is since thats how ill be doing most of the match announcements and stuff, may i ask why cant you use discord? its free and it even has a mobile app you can use as well.

Ok, then I think I can download it, but not today because I'm really busy
Can I bring Bouncy Gary?
That is fine @PabloTyron just make sure before the tournament start to update your post on this thread and add your discord name to it

@Vinnie of course you can lol it wouldnt be a party with out Bouncy Gary  Heart
Forum Name = big bird
Challonge Account = PalossANDYou
Showdown Name = Nero05
Discord Name = big bird (I'm on the PF Discord Server)
it's 2022 and we livin
Then I'm in.
I'll leave details later :P
I missed the last one, and theres no way I'm missing this one. I'll be there

Forum Name: Wolfy2478

Chalonge Name: Wolfy2478

Showdown Name: Wolfy2478

Discord Name: Wolfy2478 (I'm in the Pokemon Forever Server)

edit: Also, are megas allowed or not?
@Wolfy2478 Yes they are, it follows Smogon rules so Megas and Z-moves are allowed

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