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[TOURNAMENT] January 2017 Website Tournament ( VGC17 Format )
Alright I'm about two weeks we'll host this tournament so I've created a countdown so everyone knows the exact time the tour begins. It also occurred to me that "pokebank" might be legal, assuming 1) people have access to egg moves in a huge numbers and 2) if bank is available then. There are still spots leftover to join so anyone of any skill set is invited.
Just a reminder that the tournament will be in about a week from now on the 29th of January. There are still open spots if anyone wants to go about it.
Forum Name = Reportre
Challonge Account = Reportre
In-Game Name = Azure
Friend Code = 4442-1945-7185
Discord Name = Azure

On second thought, the tournament would start at 2 a.m. my time, and I'm not sure if I'm sane enough to play then. So I've withdrawn my registration. My apology.
Forum name = El Asassin
Challonge Account = MarvinMiranda
In-Game Name = Marvin
Friend Code = 5000-6195-9476
Discord Name = El Asassin Marvin

Forum Name = Grizwalt
Challonge Account = Grizwalt
In-Game Name = Grizwaltz
Friend Code = 4382-2027-9864
Discord Name = Big Dongloo
Forum Name: AbruptFury
Challonge Account: AbruptFury
In-Game Name: Tommy
Friend Code: 1822-0674-0663
Discord Name: AbruptFury

I've got this username in most places Kappa
Would like to ask this question now, do you want the upcoming tournament to be "showdown" or cartridge?
Decided to keep this as cartridge for this tour.
Some IRL stuff has come up recently, toppled with more schoolwork than I thought I'd have, so unfortunately I'll be withdrawing my registration from this tournament
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