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[TRADE] all starters
Hiya all, i'm new to the forum so please forgive me if I don't do this right xD

Anywho, I want to trade and fill my pokedex, so far I have a couple of the starters but since i haven't seen some yet, I can't search on GTS. I only rely on wonder trades. 

So i'd like to trade starter for starter if possible. Also, i'm not looking for anything special either. I just want the info so I can complete my dex to get a shiny charm ^^; 

Any help is appreciated. I listed the ones I do have already below. 

Starters I have:


IGN and FC on the side. :D

Thanks to those who helped!
I got 5IV bulbasaurs if you want one. ill trade for Oshawott
and i have an extra Froakie which i would lilke to trade for piplup
 I also have extra torchics (with speed boost) 
Added you in game
Spreedsheet of Friend safaris Here =)
If you have an extra Piplup I have a spare Torchic
Ah okay that would be great! 

I'll trade you an oshawott. :3 
It has a neutral nature though, still working on IVs so i'm not too sure if it has any good ones. xD 

what would you like for a torchic? 
i'm a noob to competitive gaming still
 i'll be online till 1am at least EST. 

Otherwise i'll be up around 8/9am and throughout the day tomorrow.
(Jun 22, 2016, 05:58 PM)DarienDenciati Wrote: If you have an extra Piplup I have a spare Torchic

I do have an extra Piplup. c:

i'll be online till at least 1am EST :D
added your code too.
If you give me a frew more minutes i can get you a Snivy, Chesterm, Totodile. 
and could i get a chikorita, (after that i dont care what i get) ?
Spreedsheet of Friend safaris Here =)
Oh that would be great. 

I gave away the chikorita already but in a few minutes I can get another one by breeding my meganium.. ^^;

Just reply or bump the thread when you're ready. I just gotta head out to walk my dog for a few minutes.
I got your three pokemon ready,  reply to this (or just trade me in game) when you are ready. enjoy the walk
Spreedsheet of Friend safaris Here =)
@sangchu09 I'm getting online and adding you now and will be ready to trade ty in advance for the Piplup
i'm mobile, but I have about 10/15 mins for the walk. 

My pup is a bit on the old side. Haha, 9 years old.

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