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Tenebris_Kane - IRL Stuff, some good and some bad, why I disappeared

Hi guys, figured I would make a thread to say where I have disappeared to lately. Things have been really busy IRL as most of the work I do is deadline based meaning that I have to complete given tasks by a certain date. While I have mostly been able to keep up I have had multiple design proposals to create as well as a couple of supporting documents for presentations which has made this one of the busiest month's I have had in a while. To top this all off I heard about an opportunity to work with a small games company on the side, helping create 3D assets for a currently unannounced game. Unfortunatly there were too many applicants for them to just accept us all to work for them and as such they arranged a 'contest' of sorts where we all designed a level for the game and they would judge us on our work. This went well for me and I managed to impress them with my work but on the other hand this took all the time I had spare with my deadlines and home life taking up the rest.

Although they liked my design that I created they commented that I did not show as much creative flair within my design (which I have to agree with, I based it on a real life version) so although they thought I had good talent they wanted to issue a second chalenge, they sent me the character models from their game and asked me to make customisation options for players. This further took up my time keeping me from the forums for yet another week. When I submitted my drafts for the second challenge I was told that they wanted to directly interview me where they said they actually don't want me to work on environment design like the other 2 they accepted, instead they chose to give me freedom to create the character customisations for them for real so I have actually ended up with a really nice side job. With the challenge being over and my deadlines mostly on track for now I now have more time for playing games and helping the forums so hopefully everyone will see my name popping up more often now and maybe I can even restore my posts per day avarage which has dropped to 2.5 when it used to be nearly 3  Tongue

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I dropped my DS charger for a second while my rabbit was running around and in 1 bite he severed some of the internal wiring so I had to get a hold of a new charger cable. My DS has been dead for the last few days so thankfully that is resolved now  Dodgy

Warning - Sad part next

To be completely honest I could have been on the forums since wednesday making posts but one of my rabbits died and now I am left with the other one which is recovering from being neutered so I have not felt much like going online and instead have spent most of the past few days convincing him to eat and start playing more. Thankfully he is recovering well and has been playing with his favorite ball (which is actually pretty much a beach ball and much bigger than him) so it's getting better now and he still wants to be petted.
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im sorry about your bunny Sad
glad to see you back! and glad to see your other bunny is doing well <3
@Tenebris_Kane Congrats for your side job! It is always good to see you back!  Smile

Actually I started college with the idea of working on game programming after I get my CS bachelor degree, but in the end my interests slowly moved towards academics (logic and maths), so I almost never program anything now. 

It is sad to hear that about your rabbit, but the fact that the other one is recovering well is very good news!
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@Tenebris_Kane Glad to see you back, mate!
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@Tenebris_Kane oh D': you were gone too lol that makes me feel a lil less guilty. Congrats on standing out from the crowd in that design contest!! Must feel excellent having your hard work acknowledged like that Smile hope we can get back in contact!!
ps: sorry to hear about the bunny Sad
Dont know why I never thought to put this here...
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I disappeared twice for a couple of weeks each while you were away, the first time was a bit more serious as a relative passed away and I ended up leaving really suddenly but fortunately the second time it was more just heavy workload. I am still working with the company and they have left me with a really flexible schedule of just do what I can when I can and I am one of the only people working on the character customisation options so it gives me a lot of freedom  Tongue
I am currently seeking help coming up with movesets for unusual Pokémon with egg moves, PM me for more details
(will reward with some battle-ready Pokémon)
Seems everyone is coming back and thats awesome! Pet the bunny for me, and hope the loss of its rabbit friend didnt effect it too much. When my old dog died my current dog seemed kinda 'depressed' and we had to show it even more love.
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I still miss my first Betta Fish....
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Life’s is unfair, still you pull through, it takes a lot, I know having moved down from 16 to 11 pets within like just a year 
more than 5 had died in that space of time though.
Much respect to you pal.
Lots of love and luck.

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