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Thank you...
A few days ago, it came to my attention that 5 of the site's moderators had sadly left us. Whether or not they see this doesn't matter, I'd like to write it anyway.

ChaseInfinity, ècarlate, Reed, Slec and Eckley. While I didn't get to know you guys personally, I'd like to thank you for the hard work and time you guys dedicated to the forums. You guys were great moderators and great people. Except Slec. Kappa

ChaseInfinity personally helped me get my account back so if it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't even be here. Hopefully you guys reconsider and come back, but we respect your decision either way.

To everyone thinking the site is dead, it'll only die if we let it. This is my favorite Pokemon forum and I get on with everyone here, don't let this awesome community die.

To Each Future We Go
Wow, i have been gone waaaaaayyy too long to not notice this. i remember those bullies, and its real sad to here this. Sad
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@Frost Good to see you back, and yeah it definitely is sad
To Each Future We Go
They really helped the community grow so it's kinda sad Sad that their gone so i give out a big THANK YOU too all of them Big Grin
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^ I cri evryteim Sad Sad Sad Sad
To Each Future We Go
Woah! This site has totally changed... But you are right. It will only die if we leave it. I'll try to be more active and help out
I’m back!
@Hatonacat I don't think I've seen you around before, hi
To Each Future We Go
Wow, thank you for bringing this up. It's definitely sad to see them not around anymore, but I agree with you. This site dies once us, the users, let it. Let's hope that dark day won't come soon
@"Anabel" Oh my gosh, you need to replace one of those mods! You would be great!
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