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The Mobile Site
I've made a bunch of threads here holy cow

Anyways, I've seen more than one person talking about this site's mobile version. And, it seems like we need a change.

In the mobile version, the sizes are totally out of whack. I can't even read a PM on a smartphone because the words are aligned in such a weird fashion. I also cannot post on a smartphone, because the buttons re super glitchy.

For these reasons, I think we need a change. I honestly think we drive members of the site away because it is nearly impossible to do anything in the mobile edition. From what I've heard, I think we should scrap the idea, or at least increse the sizes of the text. Truthfully, the desktop edition worked better.

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I agree had to move to the mobile version since my laptop broke and it hasn't been a great experience.
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I agree that the PM system is very inconvenient in the mobile version of the website. For example, when I open or write a PM in my phone the words are almost always compressed vertically in a very unreadable way (but I always thought that it was my phone's problem).
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I have the same problems. I'm pretty sure there was an update to the site for mobile users a while back iirc.
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@Sharkfang2193 You're back! I haven't seen you in a while.

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@RetroTyphlosion We would probably need to rebuild from scratch. We'll talk to the dev and see what our best case scenario is for mobile.
@yung lord All right, thank you. Let us know if something comes up.  Smile
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