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The Shiny Showdown Week 2: Umbreon vs Zorua
After an exciting first week where Ho-oh managed to beat out Metagross by 16 votes to 7. And congratulations to @"Anabel" for nominating the winning pokemon! We now move on to the second week where we have a bit of a unique match up, between probably two of the most similar shinies in the competition.

[Image: 197.png]
Umbreon the Moonlight Pokémon (nominated by @LuxrayLogan)


[Image: 570.png]
Zorua the Tricky Fox Pokémon (nominated by @Reis)

It will be really interesting to see how this one will turn out. Both of these Pokemon are hugely popular with Umbreon hailing from the beloved family of eeveelutions. And Zorua the companion of the figurehead leader of Team Plasma, N. This one is particularly easy for me as one of these two happens to be one of my favorite Pokemon. I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone votes and hopefully the best shinie will win!

Win a Shiny Umbreon or Zorua!
To be in for a chance to win a BR shiny Umbreon or Zorua, after you vote, leave a reply to this thread with which shiny is better and why you think it is. I will pick the winner next Friday and they will be announced in Week 3 of The Shiny Showdown!

Last Weeks Winner!
Congratulations to @Chansey who is the winner of the shiny BR Ho-oh

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Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
Goinng to assume I should not vote lol
I think that Umbreon is the better shiny and here's why: Umbreon is the Moonlight Pokemon, so introducing a subtle light-blue colour to its rings fits the luminescent and mysterious feel of the moon while staying close to the original design. Zorua on the other hand is the Tricky Fox Pokemon, which is better represented in its original black/red colour-scheme than its blue/brown shiny version. Umbreon is also one of my favourite Pokemon when it comes to symbolism, being the reserved, thoughtful and individualistic counter-part to the extrovert, outgoing and socilal sun and Espeon, which the black and blue coulours reflects really well. (Me and my partner have matching Umbreon and Espeon T-shirts lol hehe)

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Umbreon.  BLUUUUUUUE MOOOOOOOON (with an eclipse.)
@Reis you're allowed to vote. Got to rep your mon!
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
I actually like shiny zorua more. The reason why is because of the change. Instead of just changing one color, both of zorua's colors were changed. Also, zorua is a bit rarer than eevee, so getting a shiny zorua, personally, would seem more satisfactory

I prefer shiny umbreon, and I happen to own one. The colour scheme is better than the normal one in my opinion. It gives it more of a dark, spooky effect.
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I think my vote is kind of obvious, none the less I voted for Umbreon.
Umbreon. Unlike Shiny Zorua, it's blue coloring stays with it. And Shiny Zoroark looks trashy after evolving from Zorua. It's really good in competitive play, and since I love my Eeveelutions, it's a no-brainer. Umbreon
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I vote for Zorua because, I think the color scheme makes it look more BA. It looks like a dark type and hunted and used much less then Umbreon.

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