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[US/UM] Any and All Missing Pokemon

Haha! It looks your trades have slowed down a bit finally!  Maybe I can help again.  I am a little confused about what exactly it is you are looking for in some of your list though. So a few questions:  

Breeding - Do these need to be perfect or something?  
I have all of these for casual play - Free

GTS - Are you looking for these to just come from the GTS?
 - I can get all the unown but it might take a couple days - Free
 - I have 4 shiny silvally codes (you can restart your game after depositing in the pokebank to get them all.  the codes are good through Feb 13th i believe)  I also have a few others. -  I would like an event or shiny in exchange for each
 Note:  The various form Forces of Nature pokemon (Landorus, Thunderus, and Tornadus) are changed with the key item Reveal Glass.  If you have these pokemon you can get these other forms wihout having to have duplicate pokemon.

Link Trade
- Arceus Type changes depending what plate it holds? do you want an arceus for each plate type?  I have 1 or two extra - event rule stands
- If Keldeo knows secret sword, it will be resolute.  I might have this - event rule stands
- I have an extra Hoopa - event rule stands.

Almost all of these would have to be S/M if you are interested.

On that note, i am also interested in Lugia


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