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[US/UM] Extremely Efficient and Effective Way to Earn Poké Fast in US/UM
Running low on money for Poke Balls or Revives or whatever else you may want? Just use this step by step tutorial and you'll be making Poké fast.

What You Need
  • A Pokemon that can learn Happy Hour and Pay Day. The only Pokemon who can do this currently are; Meowth, Persian and Smeargle
  • An Amulet Coin, found behind the truck on Paniola Ranch
  • Adrenaline Orbs for SOS chaining
  • Although not required, you can make this easier by having a Trevenant or Exeggutor with the Harvest Ability, Skill Swap, Bestow (or Trick on Trevenant) while holding a Leppa Berry to initiate an infinite SOS Chain
After giving your Happy Hour Pokemon the Amulet Coin, find your target Pokemon, something on Route 1 will be perfect, and start an SOS Battle. Use Happy Hour, then once new Pokemon get called in, only use Pay Day. The amount of Prize Money you get will actually stack, I've seen someone get upwards to P 12,000. It's extremely easy and very efficient, and if you use Smeargle you can give it Roost or Recover (personally I will use Ingrain) to restore HP. If you plan on using this method for a while, be sure to stock up on Leppa Berries. That's it. Enjoy.
B a d C o p
I actually just do the Pokemon League, using an amulet coin and a roto-prize money. You get P 79,400 per person and about P 48,000 for the champion battle.

Although, it doesn't really help if you've not done the league yet or have no healing items. It got me enough money to get all the Kommo-o armour in a day though.
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