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So I have an upcoming battle this New Year celebration with my cousin and would like to build a team. Here are the rules:

1. No Tapus
2. No UBs
3. No Mythics and Legendaries
4. No pokemon holding the same items

I wanna know if Mega Salamence/Aegislash/Chansey would work as my first three. And also I would like to get some suggestions for the other three. I don't have Chansey yet and would also like to know if there could be a replacement for her. All I know from his team is he sweeped me last time using his Mega Metagross and he almost always leads with hazard Klefki.

P.S. If someone could help me get all 6 pokemons once they're finalized in this thread, I'D REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT AS I HAVE BUSINESS ON THE 28TH AND 29TH AND PROBABLY WILL NOT HAVE ANY TIME ANYMORE TO BREED.
Doubles, Singles, Triples, Rotation etc?
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As long as you're fine with genning, I can get you the pokemon
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