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Ultimate Marshadow code giveaway
(Sep 20, 2017, 06:16 PM)Zaybeastie25 Wrote: plz reser one code for me
Thanks man!
I would like to reserve a code please.
@Zaybeastie25  I would like to reserve a code please. Thank you so much!  Big Grin
If they work in Australia can I please reserve one¿
in the words of my granddad "it takes a strong man to stand up for himself but it takes a stronger man to stand up for others".         Which one are you?!
Hey, can I also get one? They aren't distributing Marshadow in my country ;_;
Can you reserve one for me ....i cannot get a code since im from asia thank you
I'd like to reserve a code too, please. Thanks.
(Sep 20, 2017, 06:16 PM)Zaybeastie25 Wrote: Next month I will be doing a marshadow code giveaway for those who have yet to obtain one in their game. The rules are as follows you con only get one code no matter how many games you have. I will be accepting advance request on reserving a code. I will not accept any Pokémon for trades due to giving the codes out to everyone for kindness. Be sure to send me a message to reserve a code and check your messages mid October to see your code. These codes are real because I will be receiving them from game stop who gets tem from Nintendo. Good luck to everyone and enjoy your time hunting down all the mons out there.

is it for NA region? can i have one too? i live outside US, so there is no way i can get those live events except from those who are really kind to give one just like what you do.
If its NA then can i reserve one
I already sent you a PM weeks ago.
Thanks in advance. Smile

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