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VGC / Battle Spot / Doubles OU Cores Thread
[Image: 303-mega.png] [Image: 576.png]

- Pokémon featured: Mega Mawile and Gothitelle
- Metagame: Battle Spot Doubles (VGC 15)
- Core Type: Bulky Offense (Trick Room)
- Sets:

Mawile-Mega @ Mawilite
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Play Rough
- Sucker Punch
- Iron Head / Rock Slide
- Protect

Gothitelle @ Sitrus Berry / Mental Herb
Ability: Shadow Tag
EVs: 252 HP / 12 Def / 244 SpD
Sassy Nature
- Psychic
- Trick Room
- Helping Hand / Heal Pule / Tickle
- Protect

The combination of Mega Mawile and Shadow Tag Gothitelle remains one, if not the most threatening Trick Room cores to deal with. To start off, Mega Mawile is of one the most threatening Mega-Evolved Pokemon who can deal massive damage the opposing team thanks to is perfect neutral coverage and with Huge Power bolstering its physical attacks to astronomical levels. The main issue with using Mega Mawile is its rather low base 50 Speed as it relies heavily on the rather unreliable Sucker Punch priority, and most importantly, speed control like Trick Room to allow it to go first. What sets Gothitelle apart from most other Trick Room users is the Shadow Tag ability, which traps the opposing two Pokemon (who aren't Ghost-type) into the battlefield. Paired this Ability with Mawile's pre-Mega ability in Intimdate, now both opposing Pokemon are at minus one attack (-1) to begin the battle, and futher helps Gothitelle be able to successfully setup Trick Room for its partner. Once this scenario happens, Mega Mawile can effective cut down opposing teams with is high offensive stat as Gothitelle can support Mawile with a range of options such as Helping Hand (boost one Mawile's Attacks for one turn), Heal Pulse (recover Mawile's HP by 50%), and Tickle (reduces the attack/defense stats by one stage).

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