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[VGC] Top Cut VGC Teams from the Sheffield and Collinsville Regionals
So recently there was two VGC Regional tournaments that took place in two respective locations: Sheffield in the UK and Collinsville, Missouri in the US. With the conclusion of these tournaments, we have a list of all the top cut teams from both regional events, so feel free to browse through these teams and see any Pokemon or cores that interest you. For anyone asking why Sheffield got a Top 8 while Collinsvilles was a Top 16, this was mostly due to attendence levels and the UK regional didn't enough people to get the a Top 16. Again feel free to discuss anything in relation to the teams and what's the current VGC metagame and trends are at the moment. 

If anyone wants to see any complementary cores or pokemon builds/movesets in the VGC scene, check them on in the respective highlighted links. 

Sheffield Regionals (UK)

1st- Alberto Bos: [Image: icon-tapu-bulu.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-araquanid.png] [Image: icon-porygon2.png] [Image: icon-magnezone.png] [Image: icon-nihilego.png]

2st- Alex Gomez: [Image: icon-tapu-bulu.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-araquanid.png] [Image: icon-porygon2.png] [Image: icon-magnezone.png] [Image: icon-nihilego.png]

3rd- Javier Senorena: [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-muk-alola.png] [Image: icon-porygon2.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-ninetales-alola.png]

4th- Daniel Nolan: [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-mudsdale.png] [Image: icon-araquanid.png] [Image: icon-porygon2.png] [Image: icon-celesteela.png] [Image: icon-ninetales-alola.png]

5th- Daniel Oztekin: [Image: icon-smeargle.png] [Image: icon-pheromosa.png] [Image: icon-xurkitree.png] [Image: icon-porygon-z.png] [Image: icon-celesteela.png] [Image: icon-gigalith.png] 

6th- Rob Akershoek: [Image: icon-tapu-fini.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-kartana.png] [Image: icon-snorlax.png] [Image: icon-mimikyu.png] [Image: icon-persian-alola.png] 

7th- Alessio Yuri Boschetto: [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-kartana.png] [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-mandibuzz.png]

8th- Andrea Ciccone: [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-gastrodon.png] [Image: icon-porygon2.png] [Image: icon-celesteela.png] [Image: icon-snorlax.png]

Collinsville Regionals (US)

1st- Alex Underhill: [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-gyarados.png] [Image: icon-togedemaru.png]  [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-celesteela.png]

2st- Justin Burns: [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-ninetales-alola.png] [Image: icon-snorlax.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-drifblim.png]

3rd- Nick Navarre: [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-kartana.png] [Image: icon-porygon2.png] [Image: icon-gyarados.png] [Image: icon-gigalith.png]

4th- Andrew Nowak: [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-buzzwole.png] [Image: icon-tapu-fini.png] [Image: icon-porygon2.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-celesteela.png]

5th- Jon Hu: [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-gyarados.png] [Image: icon-kartana.png] [Image: icon-pikachu.png] [Image: icon-electivire.png] [Image: icon-aerodactyl.png]

6th- Thomas McCready: [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-mandibuzz.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-celesteela.png]

7th- Jean-Marc Hérbert: [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-kartana.png] [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-drifblim.png]

8th- Alberto Lara: [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-magnezone.png] [Image: icon-salamence.png] [Image: icon-snorlax.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-drifblim.png]

9th- Conan Thompson: [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-gyarados.png] [Image: icon-tapu-fini.png] [Image: icon-porygon2.png] [Image: icon-metagross.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png]

10th- Jeremy Gross:  [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-buzzwole.png] [Image: icon-snorlax.png][Image: icon-nihilego.png] [Image: icon-drifblim.png]

11th- Keegen Meeyer: [Image: icon-tapu-fini.png] [Image: icon-marowak-alola.png] [Image: icon-kartana.png] [Image: icon-ninetales-alola.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-mandibuzz.png] 

12th- Steven Lasso: [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-araquanid.png] [Image: icon-porygon2.png] [Image: icon-celesteela.png] [Image: icon-mudsdale.png] 

13th- Ashton Cox: [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-kartana.png] [Image: icon-xurkitree.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-aerodactyl.png]

14th- Ethan Simpson: [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-raichu-alola.png] [Image: icon-misdreavus.png] [Image: icon-snorlax.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-celesteela.png] 

15th- Dana Zieman: [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-kartana.png] [Image: icon-porygon2.png] [Image: icon-araquanid.png] [Image: icon-muk-alola.png] 

16th- Carson Confer:
 [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-kartana.png] [Image: icon-porygon2.png] [Image: icon-araquanid.png] [Image: icon-mudsdale.png]
misdreavus in championships? 14th etahn simpson has a misdreavous?
no wonder he is in 14th
The UK still use Bulu? Scary.
Just a fossil from the days of olde.
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Tfw I'm more surprised to see a Bulu in Top 8 than a Pikachu. Looks like UK figured out that Porgon-2 + Araquanid is broken.
Oh man @Black117 just what i was looking for thanks for making the post!
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Yeah some of these teams are incredibly interesting such as the Misdreavus, the Light Ball Pikachu with Lightening Rod, and the Togedemaru. Definitely Underhill's use of Togedemaru in this tour shows does have viability in the format with the prevalence of Tapu Koko, Celesteela, Tapu Fini, etc. With the right team support, some of these mons can go the extra mile in tournament play. On the US side, we do see a resurgence of Tapu Lele in the format as well as only one AFK core in the UK regionals, showing that the core is somewhat diminishing. Araquanid and Porygon2 are still proving their worth in both respective regionals with the hybrid trick room option.

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