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[Video Games] Addicted to...
I am addicted to many games like dark souls, gundam battle operation next, monster hunter, Skyrim and that is to name a few. But im hoping to fine a support group soon for m addiction.
I'm addicted to Smash right now.

Also Criminal Minds.

Also One Piece.

Also crack.
All of the animal crssing game I only have wild world wich I just got but I have been really adicted to watching animal crossing speed runs and animal crossing twitch streams
Also I was playing monster hunter 4 pretty religiously. But I work second shift now so my friends don't play when I play and my common online expirience goes:
1.Drop into a lower level bro's room to help them rank up
2. a super high rank bro comes in with us and we 3 man the quest's a small monster like a kecha so when multiple blademasters are involved it's just a given that friendly fire is gonna happen 'cause of the cluster around the smaller monster if anyone has big weapons(which they usually do, I generally run the charge blade)
4. The super high rank player throws a fit about having their combos interupted against a low rank monster that poses no real threat to them
5. The super high rank player starts attacking whoever threw them off instead of the monster and just trolls the rest of the quest, DC'ing once they've ensured the quest is on it's last life.

This has happened to me more than four times. I stopped to consider if I was a bad player for the accidental interupts, but then thought it over and just realized it's an issue of a bad community and players. It's worth mentioning that these jerks are almost always in the flashy dlc armors. I don't know what the corrolation with that is.

All this being said, I'd be willing to get back into it if there's a big enough following on here that's willing to play late at night, it's true the game ticked me off but I'm itchin' for it again XD
Destiny on XB1 and Fire Emblem Awakening on 3DS have been my latest addiction so far. Fire Emblem Fates and Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon will be my future addictions
I'm actually NZero

The site doesn't let me change profile name
Right now Im into CSGO as I want to be like one of my favourite players NBK, but other than that I spend my time on less known games such as NotGTAV which like the title suggests is not GTAV and shower with your dad simulator 2015. (Also Im staying away from This War of Mine as it is kinda depressing and might make me sink into depression faster)
Eckley is best grill
Go on and on, grow into a phenomenon
World Of Warcraft, many late nights playing it while it devoured my soul

Of course, I love pokemon. Also a massive fan of Minecraft (fck you story mode) and Terraria. Fantasy Life is also a fun game. That's all. My internet's not so good and I live in a city with no 3DS stores Sad
Started playing Terraria after receiving it as a gift from a viewer on my Twitch stream....It's taken over all my video games :p
CS:GO, i've spent 1k hours on it on Steam.

Other than that, i have no real other interests in this moment.

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