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[Video Games] Addicted to...
Monster Hunter is my love. I play it way too much, and have been watching X streams religiously. I've also been on the Undertale hype train. I've played through it twice and it's stolen my heart.
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Honestly, every single Pokemon game is the best. Pokemon Shuffle, Pokemon Rumble World, Pokemon Picross, Pokemon White 2, Pokemon Y, and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire are Pokemon games I'm currently playing. But Legend of Zelda, Mario, Kirby, etc. are fun game series too. Basically, I'm a Nintendo Person! :D
Age of Empires and Star Wars games are very fun too.
right now i am financially challenged so its pokemans but i have watched some videos/streeming of binding of isaac and it looks awesome.

old school zelda all the way with funny/creepy setting/story

my friend just got battle front which looks cool

but pokemon is the only game that i can put 100 hours into and still be amused

is mystery dungeon any good?
Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim and Fallout 4. I have spent 200+ hours on Skyrim and have spent 50+ hours on Fallout 4, with Fallout 4's time continuing to go up. Also Star Wars Battlefront
Pokemon trainer since 2004!
Lately, I've been playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I'm still HR1 because I just started a new file and I'm taking my time through story quests.
Been recently addicted to Fire Emblem Fates and Binding of Issac (I'm sssoooo close to 100%ing BOI)
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Ive been playing League and sm4sh quite a lot lately. Now im just like "salt, salt, salt"
I play a lot of games, besides pokemon. mostly rpg type games but not exclusively anyway here are a few of the recent ones: 

Witcher Franchise, recently finished a whole franchise playthrough and most likely will do another one where i do the exact opposite of the previous one.

Borderlands Franchise, whats better than an rpg? an rpg and fps baby! love the borderlands series and play at least a few hours a week. constantly messing around playing with friends trying new stuff watching hilarity unfold.

Civilization V, not the biggest rts player but this game is my relax game and also a game i play when i want to kill some time and know i still have stuff to do easy to pick up and set down.

Dark Souls Franchise, played through dark souls one again and more currently playing dark souls 2 sotfs. Dark Souls binges are fun i can rage i can laugh i can cry this one has it all.
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I really love the Portal series! Let me tell you, I have a total playtime of 371 hours on Portal 2 via Steam! I was big into it around 2011, and recently got back into it, though I am starting to like Pokemon more. I recently got a Wheatley plushie I ordered online, and a Aperture Science travel bottle, and it is so awesome! I play Portal 2 Co-op alot as well, and Atlas is my fave Portal character!  Tongue

On the other hand, I also like the Sonic series, and I pre-ordered Sonic Mania Collectors Edition for PC on Amazon! I can't wait to get that game! I love the Sonic Advance trilogy as well!

I used to be into Undertale and Five Nights at Freddy's, but gotten out of them, since then.

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