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[Video Games] Addicted to...
Tanki, Has a great community(not as good as this one though :D), and awesome gameplay.

Astroflux, addicting, scifi-ish, piece of %$%$#.

AND of course, Minecraft.
I am a strategy-game type of person, I got addicted to Hearts of Iron III The Finest Hour with 300+ hours.

I am bad in shooting games. I always have the highest deaths is Call of Duty. Sad

I am play some action games like Assassin Creed series but I am bad in the 2 most recent games. Spent 100+ hours in both Assassin Creed 3 and Black Flag. But I spent 400+ hours in Revelations playing with bombs. I got bored in 2 and Brotherhood. lol
What is a signature and how do I get one?
ROBLOX. I just like how many games there are in ROBLOX and how different they are, though frankly our fan base sucks...
Life only happens once. Make the most out of it.

I main Tracer for some reason...
My Friend Safari is Flying with Pidgey, Fletchiender and Swanna. Feel free to add me!

Also, my name is Hayden... Why am I Johnnyspyguy?
Recently, I've been playing Donkey Kong Country 1 and 3 and Zelda: Majora's Mask. I like platformers and RPG's. Don't like shooting games, though. Can't stand blood. But of course, my favorite is..... Pokemon!
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Currently addicted to playing Minecraft on my friends console. I like exploring the caves :3
Been playing ESO Tamriel a lot lately.

Going to be starting Star Wars: Battlefront at 6 p.m. central @

Never played before, but I want to be a streamer.

First 50 followers will be in a drawing for a free game (haven't decided which one it is yet), for PS4.

So bring your family and friends, if they talk in chat I can give a shout out.  I know the 'net will laugh at my skillz, since I never played this before.

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