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filling pokedex method
so i've never bothered to hunt with shiny charm since there are so many but since there are not that many in sun/moon i'd like to giva that a try.
But now i have no idea what the best way to go at it is, should i just go from island to island to catch everything or is there an better way to do it?
I thought the same thing, there's no nationaldex in Sun and Moon so it's much easier to get the shiny charm. I went from island to island, starting with Poni since it has the least pokemon on it.

And I'm sure everyone here would be willing to do tradebacks for anything you can't get hold of.
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I just did it be pokedex number, from #1 on starting with Rowlet.
I just traveled from island to island, catching all of the pokemon on each island
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@Segatakai Went through sun twice now and I completed both regional dexes for the charm and I've found that, at least for me, the best way is to travel to all the islands and catch all the ones you can catch. The new for game exclusives like drampa for moon and turtanator for sun, just breed something rare with a ditto. Ex: sos weather mons, sos exclusives like chansey, and a mon exclusive to your game. Then post it on the gts, and wait. Obviously this won't work 100% of the time, but it's very helpful for hard mons to catch like goomy. For the ultra beasts and legendaries you can ask someone on this site for help or use your multiple beasts to get the others. Hope this helps Big Grin

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