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Zuper-Giveaway-Dittos/Win-Events/Other - Drangor2 - Nov 10, 2017

Hi to all.

I will be doing a new kind of giveaway


0)Pm your ''enemy'' ''Opponent'' if want to battle againt youTo spare posting on page . Then later you can edit your post/comment with adding the recorded uploaded video proof file of battle.

1)The events will be clones-but legit (since they are not changed in any way)

2)Do read the rules to be able to partecipate.

3)1 event prize per page. (So next page a new chance)

4)Follow the requirements> Below the rules if you want to win a prize.

5)Do not pm me(Only if its urgent, or something went wrong/ Or if i note it below at bottom)

6)The Dittos/Or if i give battle ready pokemon they are edited/clones to be battle ready(So legal)

7)Only Sun/Moon. (Do not ask if can trade on Older games or newer

8)Check >>> STATUS: ONLINE >>>>>OFFLINE >>>>>> AWAY

9) Beat 1 player of the first page >1 time with the Mons i will give to you for free. After battle has been done> do upload to a site like the ones i posted on ''requirements'' (Not youtube or similiar) And post it here.

10)*You can keep the free mons* And if you win a prize you can keep the Prize.

11)Do not double post. (Use edit feature to edit your post, or wait for someone to post below you)

12))The free mons that are edited/battle ready i give you will be send through GTS.

13)Do only deposit junk mon>> Example Magikarp/Gastly etc<<< (No shinys etc, cause have chance to be sniped)

14)Best luck to all. And check ''alerts above page to see when something news happened.

15)Need help on how to connect sd card/usb cable and transfer to computer/pc stuff? Pm me and i help ya.

16)Check the example if you still don't know how to partecipate http://prntscr.com/hci7k5

17)Do not battle same opponent that has battled someone already on the same page,

18)If by chance someone else by accident posts on page 2 as first use ''delete'' option if can, so that i can make a upgraded form of the giveaway on next page for next battles.

19)To make it easier for you all i posted an example, follow post number #5 << To know what to do


A phone(You need this to Record gameplay) Or any other Device that can record legit. (No CFW record ability)

A Site to upload to >>> Sendspace/ Sendvid (Any of these two work, no youtube/or similiar )

A 3ds.

1x Usb cable/or something that can connect your device recorder to the computer/pc.
Pokemon i will give to you for free that must be used in the battle for a chance at prize are below :

1x Ditto 6ivs Adamant Lv100 Shiny+Destiny Knot. *You can keep the free mons* OT : Zha
1x Ditto 6ivs Timid Lv100 Shiny+ Destiny Knot. Impo, OT Mew
1x Battle ready lv100 Adamant-Metagross . http://prntscr.com/hbuwlp Info of the mon.
1X Battle ready Lv100 Timid -Greninja http://prntscr.com/hbuxif

Prize List: Below: (more to be added in future)

1x- Legit-Proofed-Marshadow Pal/eu event. (Let me know if there is a language Tag you prefer)
1x- Legit-Proofed Dragonite Lance event (Let me know if there is a language Tag you prefer)
1x-Legal- A gen request of 6 pokemon.
1x-Legit- Proofed event Mewtwo Play 2016. (Let me know if there is a language Tag you prefer)
1x Legit-Proofed- event Lunar Magikarp (Let me know if there is a language Tag you prefer)
1x -Legit Proofed- event Tohoku Victini Celebrate- (Let me know if there is a language Tag you prefer)
1x Legit-Proofed-Shiny-Silvally event (Let me know if there is a language Tag you prefer)
1x Legit-Proofed-event Pc Bewear (Let me know if there is a language Tag you prefer)
1x Legit-Proofed- event Pc-Shiny Diancie
1x Legit-Proofed event Nebel Volcanion
1x Legit Proofed event Helen Volcanion
1x Legit Proofed event Hoopa
1x Legit proofed event Korean Lugia 7-11 Spot
1x Legit proofed event Jirachi Hk eng
1x Legit proofed event Eeveelution
1x Legit Proofed event Pikachu http://prntscr.com/hgqyt8 (I have them in 9 language tags)
1x Legit proofed event Vc Celebi 2017 (the one you get after gold or silver has been bought from eshop)

Example on how to win a prize:

Bob battles Nina on page 1:

Nina or Bob can't battle nobody anymore on page they were.

One of them has to record whole battle, then transfer file/recorded file video to the computer/pc and then upload to one of the 2 sites mentioned above, after that post on your comment below by editing it ''edit''

Preview details of what might appear on prize list in future:

It will start with J. << And its shinyyy. + Has something about ''HK''

I will tag you below to let you know of when to deposit something on Gts/ When i pm you/ When there is news etc.

@phantomrealm Metagross Sent. Page1.
Edit post like> #5 to know whag next to do

@Mr. Ultracool Sniped?

@OmarXP Edit post to let me know which mon deposited if you want to play the game

@PiSG Edit post like the example at post #5

@The Flying Scotsman Let me know when deposited

Ditto Adamant+Timid Sent-page 1.

@Kuso Ga Adamant Ditto +Timid Ditto+Bullet metagross.Sent-page 1.

Let me know when deposited for the next mon.

@Black Waterfall Sent-Page 1. Adamant Ditto Zha+ Timid Ditto+Adamant-Metagross+ Timid Greninja

Now only need to wait for the others on this page.

RE: Upcoming. (WOrk in progress)Super -event_Proofed_Special! - phantomrealm - Nov 10, 2017

ign Laire
deposited male level 1 helioptile
request the metagross

RE: Upcoming. (WOrk in progress)Super -event_Proofed_Special! - Mr. Ultracool - Nov 10, 2017

I'd like to participate! I'm going to deposit three Nincada named Zupermon on the GTS!

@Drangor2 I've deposited the aforementioned Nincada requesting a Ditto.

RE: Upcoming. (WOrk in progress)Super -event_Proofed_Special! - OmarXP - Nov 10, 2017


RE: Zuper-Giveaway-Dittos/Win-Events/Other - Drangor2 - Nov 16, 2017

Upgrading-beep beep.

example below:

Edit1: ''Hi, i deposited a magikarp on gts lv 1 male ''
Edit2: '' My next deposited is :
Edit:3 '' My third deposited is :
Edit: 4 '' My fourth deposited is :

Edit:5 I chose as my oppenent/enemy ''george in the jungle''

Edit6: This is my video >>>> ''video'' << Insert your link of uploaded battle.

RE: Zuper-Giveaway-Dittos/Win-Events/Other - PiSG - Nov 17, 2017

(Nov 10, 2017, 12:31 AM)Drangor2 Wrote: .Wow awesome! I will love to participate ?

RE: Zuper-Giveaway-Dittos/Win-Events/Other - The Flying Scotsman - Nov 17, 2017

@Drangor2 Deposited a level 8 skitty, IgN hector requesting ditto (do i need to request all four free mons)?

RE: Zuper-Giveaway-Dittos/Win-Events/Other - Kuso Ga - Nov 19, 2017

#3.My third deposited pokémon is:

Deposited: Psyduck/コダック(JPN)
Message: I wanna fill up my Pokédex

I'd like the Adamant Metagross, please.

RE: Zuper-Giveaway-Dittos/Win-Events/Other - Black Waterfall - Nov 21, 2017

Hi @Drangor2  Big Grin

#1 Adamant Ditto:

Pokemon Deposited: Smeargle
Level of Deposited: 8
Gender of Deposited: M
Nickname of Deposited: Smeargle
Ball of Deposited: Great
IGN: Black
Message: I want to fill my Pokédex.

#2 Timid Ditto:

Pokemon Deposited: Staryu
Level of Deposited: 24
Gender of Deposited: --
Nickname of Deposited: Japanese name
Ball of Deposited: Quick
IGN: Black
Message: I want to fill my Pokédex.

Pokemon Deposited: Zubat
Level of Deposited: 22
Gender of Deposited: M
Nickname of Deposited: Thx-Drangor2
Ball of Deposited: Dusk
IGN: Black
Message: I want to fill my Pokédex.

EDIT: Thanks, @Drangor2! Now for the Greninja:

Pokemon Deposited: Zubat
Level of Deposited: 21
Gender of Deposited: F
Nickname of Deposited: Thx-Drangor2
Ball of Deposited: Dusk
IGN: Black
Message: I want to fill my Pokédex.