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Pokémon Global Link is getting shut down! - Lythania - Nov 26, 2019

I just updated my Pokémon Global Link guide with this warning, but I think that it's an archived thread, thus people might not see it. (It's pretty outdated, so please forgive the lack of Sun&Moon information! It was written for the XY ORAS era.)
You can also read a short bit about this directly on a thread on the PGL's website. Here is the tweet that was sent from Serebii:
Quote:The Pokémon Global Link will go down on February 24th 2020 at 23:59 UTC. From then on, all gameplay elements which required access to it in the generation 7 games will be non-functioning. All other online components of those games will work.

Spend your Poké Miles while you still can, folks!!!

Additionally, Serebii has posted about a special Munna event tied to this.
Quote:Fennel's Munna event has begun for Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon to celebrate the 9 years of the Global Link.

To summarize: You'll need to log into the Pokémon Global Link's website and select your game, then go here to get your Mystery Gift code for the Munna.
I received mine on Moon, and couldn't get another one when I switched to Ultra Moon, so it might be one per PGL account.

RE: Pokémon Global Link is getting shut down! - Hojunhu - Nov 26, 2019

It makes sense. They did it for gen 5 pretty quickly when gen 6 came out. Always kinda sad when there's an end to an era though.

RE: Pokémon Global Link is getting shut down! - Feax - Nov 26, 2019

i really hope they improve the new online functions, its a massiv downgrade to what Global Link was even tho now we pay for it.