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[3DS] Which characters do you main in Smash?
Trolling my friends with Jigglypuff mostly lol
Uff.. lets see... in Smash 4...
My main is Mario. Is a very good fighter, all around and pretty cool character,
Then I use Kirby, Lucina, Pikachu and ZSamus. Finally, sometimes I play with other characters just for fun Smile
I love lucina...even though she's just a copy of Marth
I'd say I main Fox, since the original.

Though when I play, I also play Falco, Pikachu, ROB, and Toon Link pretty regularly.
rosalina and luma
I play competitively in Sm4sh and Brawl. I main Dark Pit and occasionally Pit. They're fun and easy to use. They're also quite balanced with this plenty of damage-dealing attacks, a projectile, and an convenient kill move
I main Ness! he's been my favorite character since the very first game so i'm pretty good with him I like lucas too of course :P

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