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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Meet the new Kahunas!
Hi everyone, and today I have a very exciting announcement; new Kahunas!

Essentially, they are dedicated members who are recognized for their efforts within the community and as a whole. Now, these aren't "permanent" positions in the forums, as we will regularly shift between three to four people as Kahunas for the forums. After a while (at least not consecutive), former Kahunas can still be chosen by the mod team here. For those who applied as Kahunas but didn't get picked, don't feel to harsh on yourself, as we'll have another round of applications in the near future. Remember, just about anyone who participates in the forums and exerts effort in their work will be recognized in a way or another.

I am glad to announce our new Kahunas will be the following dedicated people: @Gvng, @Slec and @Frost. We truly appreciate what you guys do here, so welcome to the team and congratulations! Heart
Thanks everyone I will try to do my best to a great Kahuna and help to the best of my abilities  Blush  Heart
Wow getting both a kahuna and a mod position in a week?!?!
"Oh good, he isn't mod anymore"


congratz guys :D. keep up the good work.
@Slec @Gvng @Frost

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Thanks!! :D
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Want to congratulate all the new Kahunas for this round! We'll be looking forward in working with all of you for any upcoming forum projects and events.
Congrats round 2! You will always be second rate compared to the first batch of Kahunas. Being Kahuna is fun, I know you three will have a good experience.
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IDK!!! LOL all you hate me...
sorry i'm dying  thats why i want to say that


I'm literally dying
no joke
sorry sorry sorry
 Just give yourself to love! Love love love love--NO!
@Omradem why

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