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Hello everybody! I just joined and I thought I'd say hi and introduce myself a bit.

I'm Bousf, I'm 25 and I am a man with a very common goal in sight: a Living Dex.

I only recently bought Pokemon Ultra Moon, which is my first trip into Gen VII (I skipped Sun/Moon), so I need to catch quite a lot of Gen VII Pokemon still. I have every single pre-Gen VII Pokemon caught, with the exception of just 11. Hopefully slowly but surely I will be able to fill those gaps and have my Living Dex wrapped up. 

I came across this site because somebody on Twitter directed me to it, since I need somebody to trade-evolve my Kadabra with (that's a matter for its corresponding thread though xD) but if things go well I will try to trade my way into completing my dex, we'll see! 

I say alola to everybody and I hope we can help one another out in our goals!  Big Grin
Welcome the forums! If you need any help, feel free to contact our moderators, @stephenWITNESS, our kahunas, @0kamii and @FireTaco, or any other users Smile I'm going for a livingdex too, I finished the first 150 pokemon so far. Good luck!
Hi @Bousf! Welcome to the forums Smile
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
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Hi bousef, welcome to this site, i have yet to get the games(i could have them at release 17 via eshop)

But wanted to buy them together/play together with my brother(though he didn't even desire to have them)

I just got notified that a parent bought them for me and him.. And i might have to play them in 3/4 days.

When that comes i will be less online cause i like to play the games without guides/ internet etc.

Just like all previous games(I lost most of my games somewhere in house)

I bught last year i think ps4 pro with kingdom hearts, but yet to continue playing(It kinda feels waste of money, maybe i had better to wait before buying it to spare money)

Anyway happpy days
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Hello, there!
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Hey there, welcome to out site, anytime you need help feel free to give a shout
Thanks everybody for the warm welcome! Will make sure to ask if I have questions and I hope I can help people around as much as they help me or even more :D
Welcome to the community.
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