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An Apology
Hello everybody reading this. I just wanted to apologise for the fact that I've been less active than usual recently, and will probably continue to become less active as the year goes on.

The time comes for everybody when we have exams, and I'm Year 11 (in english terms, 10th grade for the US I think) now which means I've got a few big exams coming up in the summertime. I have to be doing all the fun stuff like revision and about 3 pieces of homework everyday and just don't have enough time to be very active in this site at the moment, aside from the weekends if I get any free time.

Anyway it's only about 8 or 9 months more until I'm done in secondary/high school and I'll be free until college, and I'm sure the time will fly for me.

Just hoping you all understand if I'm not around much for a while and less so in the future. See you all when I can Big Grin
No problem we've all been there, take your time and good luck

I'm kind of looking forward to my exams for some reason, except for doing 1 hour 30 minutes about Romeo and Juliet. That kinda sucks.
Don't let this website get ahead of school! We completely understand why you won't be able to be on that much. Good luck with your studies Smile
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You can catch me online at 7-9 PM EST almost every day

I thought at first it was cause of summer vacation( or storm irma that less people are on a lot forums)
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No worries! Good luck with the exams Smile
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I am busy with mid-terms too, that is why I am MIA recently. Sad
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