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[BREEDJECTS] Giving Away Various Breedjects (Sun/Moon)
(Sep 30, 2017, 01:19 PM)Tenebris_Kane Wrote: @PerchPond 
I saw the everstone but I don't really mind since I have 8 more of them and keep getting more from Poké pelago. I only ever need up to 4 at a time anyway, think of it as an added bonus for making you wait for second trade  Wink
@Tenebris_Kane Mkay Rolleyes
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Hi! @Tenebris_Kane  I'm interested in the maraenie, mimikyu, and gibbie!
I'm also curious about their IV ty
Give me a minute to get from bank and I will send details on IV's as I said in the first post I have multiples of most of them so there are differences in individuals IV's

The Gible would be missing Attack (Value of very good)
The mimikyu would be missing attack (value of pretty good), speed (Value of decent)  or special defence (Value of very good) it is your choice as to which one you want
Mareanie would be missing Special Attack (Value of pretty good) or defence (Value of pretty good) Again it is up to you

Worth noting that IV values are generalised into what they are called in sun and moon ranging from the following:
no good -> Decent -> Pretty Good -> Very Good -> Fantastic -> Best
    0          ->  1-15     ->     16-25        ->      26-29    ->       30      ->    31
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Hey I'm interested in charmander, shellder, croagunk, froakie, chimchar and bulbasaur. The ones in luxury balls- do you have females? If so I'll take them. If any have ha available I'll take those too! XD thanks. Just letting you know I'm at work right now so I won't be able to trade until 3 and a half hours from now.
I wil get those ready for you tonight but due to timezone differences I probably won't be online then, It is already past 11PM for me and so I will be logging off for the night in a while. However I will be online tomorrow i you are free to trade or we can arrange a time suitable for you.

I don't remember the genders so I will have to check but if I do have females I will make sure to trade those first if that is what you want.
Caught a shiny Phantump before finding out it was Pokémon of the day!
I will take them! Can you tell me what time you are free? Thankyou!
Edited: I will be online tomorrow to trade, although you will need to decide which IV's you want missing from what I posted earlier or I can send a random selection from the mimikyu's and mareanies it's up to you.
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@Tenebris_Kane I'll be available tomorrow starting from 11:30 AM PST to 6 PM PST so if it's 11 45 PM for you then in your time 11:30 AM to 6 PM is 3:30 AM to 10 AM. Woah 9 AM in your time will be 5 PM my time..
Did you mean your tomorrow or mine, not sure whether that is 9 hours or 33 hours respectively?
Honestly speaking 33 would be better as I don't plan on sorting it tonight since it is late so I would have to organise it in the morning before trading whereas with 33 hours I could sort it during the day time in preparation.

(by sorting it I mean getting from bank and restocking my pc boxes if I have a spare for somebody else)
Caught a shiny Phantump before finding out it was Pokémon of the day!
@Tenebris_Kane Wait nvm I think I messed up the calculations....Lol ill just be available at 12:30 PM PST

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