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[BREEDJECTS] Giving Away Various Breedjects (Sun/Moon)
@Tenebris_Kane um I'm not sure which tomorrow XD but my tomorrow I'll be available!
That would be around 8-10PM my time (PST/PDT dependant) which is actually the time I am most likely to be online so that works for me.
@Tenebris_Kane great!
@Tenebris_Kane You can randomly select it
@Tenebris_Kane I'm available now if you wanna trade now?

I am just about to trade with someone at the moment, I can trade with you after that?
@Tenebris_Kane yeah that's fine!
I am heading to plaza now, I will watch for your name popping up.
@Tenebris_Kane ok! I'm online
I saw your name flash up for a second but when I tried to trade it disappeared and turned down my request, is your DS still connected to the internet?

Edit: All good, it re-appeared  Smile

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