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[CONSOLE] TES IV: 0blivion
So any Ideas for what I should do? II know very little and am excited to play this game like I played Skyrim, but that will take 5 years. Right now I only have my main character, Alvoth who is a theif, an assasin and a hunter skilled in the art of a bow. Hes the sneakiest Orc in all of Nirn.
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I love playing Oblivion, especially since I got it with every DLC for about £10 a while back. The Shivering Isles is the best part of it though.

Anyway, I have to do Skyrim. And then work. And then more Skyrim.
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**ck Oblivion. Better play Skyrim. 
Yesterday I finally took the console from the repair, because embossing machine of my wife fell on my Xbox. And I'm back in Skyrim. I'm playing as a Khajiit, and who are you? (although hardly anyone will answer)
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