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[CONSOLE] TES IV: 0blivion
So any Ideas for what I should do? I know very little, and am excited to play this game like I played Skyrim, but that will take 5 years. Right now, I only have my main character, Alvoth, who is a theif, an assasin, and a hunter with mastery over the bow. He's the most sneaky Orc in all of Nirn.
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I love playing Oblivion, especially since I got it with every DLC for about £10 a while back. The Shivering Isles is the best part of it though.

Anyway, I have to do Skyrim. And then work. And then more Skyrim.
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**ck Oblivion. Better play Skyrim. 
Yesterday I finally took the console from the repair, because embossing machine of my wife fell on my Xbox. And I'm back in Skyrim. I'm playing as a Khajiit, and who are you? (although hardly anyone will answer)
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Im no one special, and Skyrim is definitely better than Oblivion. It sucks that no one will answer, but it is what it is. This place was once great. Its just that no one new ever stayed. That was in 2019 though, and considering you replied to a post from over 3 years ago then it didn't get much better in the year that I wasn't here.
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