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[DISCUSSION] 0kamii's Top 5 Shiny Hunting Pokémon!
(Jul 17, 2017, 09:23 AM)TheAlmightySancho Wrote: @0kamii 

Ah, it's been a while!

I do a bit of shiny hunting now and then on S/M. When I'm not being an amateur and using legendaries of varying shapes and sizes, I use various things. Smeargle, Trevenant and Breloom are amongst those. I think, but this is from memory and I have my doubts, I used Butterfree rarely for some reason.

Also, I still haven't obtained a shiny Pyukumuku. I'm beginning to think breeding it would be easier Dodgy

And @Reis , I would recommend breeding for a purple snowcone since normal ones are hard enough to find as it is.


thats why i wont breed Smile
How do you keep coming up with different content? x3 your just great I guess lol gotta give this a read through later ~
(Jul 17, 2017, 10:22 AM)wartty Wrote: How do you keep coming up with different content? x3 your just great I guess lol gotta give this a read through later ~

we could make a thread on this alone...
that could've come across as rude, so just makeing sure you know i'm not trying to be
my top 5 shiny hunting pokemon:

5. Octillery

its perfect for chain fishing with the ability Suction Cups and it can learn T-wave
( im using it in x/y, oras)

one of the newer pokemon on my list perfect for sos battles due to its ability harvest and the moves trick and skill swap
( im using it in s/m)


i basicly use this pokemon with the attack Sweet Scent for horde battles
( um using it in x/y, oras)


The best pokemon that gamefreak ever designed for breeding with flamebody and fly this pokemon had to be on this list
(using it in x/y, oras, s/m)

1.Watchhog and Chinchou

with the ability illuminate and T-wave these pokemon are perfect for hunting with RE or in de friendsafari Watchhog can also learn superfang wich makes it even better than Chinchou
(i use Chinchou in RU/SA/SM, DPPt; i use Watchhog in S/W, S2/W2, X/Y, ORAS, S/M)

and i forgot to say my favourit hunting methode is simple random encounering most of the time i do this on a second 3ds or on my old dsi or game boy
@wartty wartty, I'm almost offended. I'm a writer, remember? Thinking up content for posts is second nature to me. If you think this is cool, I can't wait to see how you react once I'm officially published. Big Grin

@Reis A thread about post content? Sounds a little...volatile. Before you know it, we might have people stealing ideas from each other and I really don't think I want that on my hands. I'm a kahuna after all, I need to try and set an example. But no it wasn't rude. You're fine, Reis.

@iimlF4nT4Sy I see we have some overlap. Cool. Never thought to use a Combee for horde battles. I always used a Teddiursa. I've never actually used a Watchog, though. Maybe I should? Would you recommend it?

@TheAlmightySancho If you want me to start tagging you in more posts, I'd be glad to. Just let me know and I'll add you into the hat. Figuratively, of course. Though mostly I try to encourage newer members to chime in.

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 
@0kamii i would definetly recomend it i use it in every pokemon game since black and white its perfect for random encounter and for the friend safari. my prefered moves are hypnosis, t-wave, super fang and double team
I've never shiny hunted in my life; in fact, I've never caught a Shiny myself.... yet somehow I have TONS of shinies in my boxes..... oh well, guess I'll share a shiny fail of mine....
So, the very first Skarmory I ever saw was in Pokémon Silver. It was green (yes, Skarmory's shiny is green). However, this was the first Skarmory I had ever seen. I didn't know what either a regular OR shiny one looked like.
And so, not knowing what I was doing, I OHKOed the poor thing with my Typhlosion.
Later, I thought "hey, that Skarmory thing looked cool", and I searched for more Skarmories (that is the plural, right?). I then noticed that all of the Skarmories I saw were Silver, not Green. 
dang it.
Also, that was the only Shiny I've ever seen, in any game.
And I killed it.
*sobs uncontrollably*
 P.S. Oh, please don't do that World of Warcraft Post...
P.P.S. That's funny, P.P.....
P.P.P.S. 400th post XD
VGC|Breeding|Forum Regular|Amethyst 0mega

PM me if you need help with competitive battling!
@wartty You said that last time on my Electric mouse post and nothing. I hope you follow through this time. I was looking forward to it.

@iimlF4nT4Sy I'll be sure to try it out then. Sounds like a good tool. Thank you, iimlF4nT4Sy.

@RetroTyphlosion Ah, ugh...that's a bummer, companero. I just recently Shiny hunted Skarmory and I found it after about 1,500 encounters. Friend Safari, of course. Hopefully you'll find a Shiny again one day.

Also, why don't you want me to post something about WoW? I play other games than Pokémon. Haven't you ever wondered where my avatar and username come from?

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 
@0kamii  yes I do shiny hunt a lot and I hunt in pokemon x and pokemon moon .
I don't usually hunt in Oras because it's main mehod 'Dexnav' is really hard for me to do
And I also don't shiny hunt in Pokerader becasue it's freaking hard as well , I mean I only succeeded once and that shiny was a shiny skiddo.
But I shiny hunt in : Chain fishing , hordes , random encounters , Soft reseting/friend safari , Mesuda Method and SoS mehods

For Chain fishing , I use a fainted inkay for suction cups in the first slot of my team , a gallade that knows false swipe and a smeargle that knows either thunder wave or spore .

For Hordes , I just use a bellossom with sweet scent and my usual gallade 

For Random Encounters , I use my Smeargle and my gallade

For Soft reseting/friend safaries , I use a gardevoir with synchronize to get the nature I want

For Mesuda methods , I use a talonflame with flame body 

For SoS methods , I use a kommo-o that knows false swipe , A lunala that knows hypnosis , I also use my new prized shiny hunting mon , the harvest trevenant with a leppa berry

If I'm hunting ghost types , I use a smeargle with foresight to use false swipe on it

I usually shiny hunt with the Friend Safari method or the SOS method

I actually hate breeding since it usually takes over 1000+ eggs for me to obtain my desired shiny , even though I use the Mesuda method it still takes over 1000+ eggs , I have such bad egg hatching luck.
Maybe it's because I used my luck too much already , I mean I hatched two shiny alolan vulpixs in a row , I bred a shiny Jangmo-o in 19 eggs and I bred a shiny Komala in less than an hour ...

And my first method I tried was Chain fishing back in Pokemon x , I tried 56 tries and I got a shint basculin , I was so proud of it  Angel

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