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[DISCUSSION] Have you ever had animals ?

What i like to know is:

Do you or ever had dogs/cats etc?

I did/i do have many.

I once had more than 2/3 dogs, cats, turtles, lizards, snakes, another animal that i forgot name of, a horse ( Though it was from a family member and i had tried "using " it.

Though most are death/ or are with other people now etc..

Have questions too about someting ? Let me know.

I might have maybe forgotten something, ohwell.
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I had 2 kitties, who I just called them kitty and luna. Then Luna got hit by a car, so now I only have kitty
Because of my advanced years, I have had a lot of cats and dogs over the years.

4 dogs, and 4 cats over my lifetime, not always at the same time. Usually shared...
Ive had two dogs and two cats. One of each is still alive.
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I have a Kelpie, a Cockatiel and a Canary
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i once had a cat, and currently i have a dog
Currently a bearded dragon, cornsnake, 2 tarantulas, 6 chihuahuas-gettin a 7th- and 1 husky.
I have two guinea pigs, one is called Kirby and the other is Flame
So my first 2 main pets were A dog named Tika (12 years old before death) and a parrot named Rocky (9 years old before death). These 2 were with me since I was born, to bad they are now gone. Tika got put down because she was getting to old and sick, and Rocky died on a Christmas due to old age and not wanting to eat  Sad  I'm 15 and me and my old dog were around the same age so Tika's death wasn't to long ago

Sorry for starting off quite dark... Now I own a rascal pup named Brody (2 years old a jack-russel poodle), An beautiful grey/gray coated bunny named Elvis (3-4 years) and like 20 tortoises which I don't know the name of (eh I'll say over 5+ years)
I have had two betta fish. Red and Royal. Royal is two years old and still alive. Smile
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